Looking for a compassionate dentist in Loughton?

A dentist in Loughton is more than a professional who cares for teeth and gums. You need to feel confident and calm under our care, so that you feel free to discuss any concerns that you may have or broach topics that you would otherwise feel uncomfortable to talk about.loughton-dentist

We do what we can to enable you to feel relaxed and confident during your consultation. If you are coming in to visit your dentist in Loughton for the first time, there are a few questions that you will be asked in order to establish the foundations of our relationship together.

Why is it important to know so much about me?

We do ask questions not only about your previous dental history, but about your medical history, your lifestyle choices and your diet as well. It is important to understand that your overall health and wellbeing is connected with the health of your smile. A holistic outlook enables us to not only treat conditions accurately, but to diagnose issues or recognise potential concerns that you may face as well.

This kind of preventive dental care is what sets us apart. We are looking out for your entire wellbeing and aim to provide you with a healthier smile; one that you have always desired to have. Combining our efforts with educating you on how to care for your teeth and gums between visits, we can allow an overall oral health care routine that permits stronger, whiter and cleaner teeth.

How do we start?

It all starts with an initial consultation with a dentist in Loughton. Understanding potential concerns due to previous dental work, a diet high in sugar or a smoking addiction can enable us to work with intention and focus.

After you have filled out a general questionnaire prior to your initial consultation, we will sit down and talk about some key points, as well as open up some time for you to talk about any other concerns regarding your smile that you may have.

We will then investigate the health of your teeth and gums, using a range of different tools that we have available. We perform both an intraoral and extra oral assessment to ensure that any issues are identified and that your smile is as healthy as it can be.

After our physical consultation, we can discuss with you any issues that we have found and come to an agreement about a treatment plan to address any and all of the problems that we have uncovered.

In all probability your mouth will be in no need of any restorative work, and should this be the case, we will work on informing you of any potential issues and how you can avoid these becoming bigger than they are.

Preventive care is foremost in our treatments, making sure that you know how to look after your smile in between visits. Even if your smile is healthy, you should aim to come in and see us every six months so that we can monitor the health of your teeth and give them a scale and polish.

Are you looking for a dentist in Loughton?

Dental conditions can vary in severity. Some conditions are preventable through fairly small lifestyle changes, while some of them are a natural result of aging, or a heritable disease. Many developed countries have seen a surge of tooth cavity cases. This has been linked to bacteria feeding on sugars stuck to teeth, and producing acids as a side product of their metabolism, which dissolves the mineral content of the tooth. One of the most important ways of preventing dental conditions is the maintenance of oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene can lead to the build-up of these bacteria and the acids they produce, which leads to tooth decay that can potentially result in tooth cavities, if not treated in time. Our dentists at Forest Dental in Loughton offer several dental hygiene treatments to prevent gum disease.loughton-dentist

Gum health

The gums serve as a platform for the root of the teeth that holds them. The gums themselves are as important to be looked after as the teeth themselves. Gum disease can affect the whole surrounding area, and result in tooth loss. Observe the early symptoms of gum disease to take the measures necessary to successfully prevent further progression and complications. One of the earliest signs of gum disease is the redness and bleeding of your gums when brushing your teeth. The name of this condition is gingivitis, which refers to the inflammation of the tissue making up your gum. Inflammation is the response of your immune system to intruders, such as pathogenic microorganisms. By not allowing the overgrowth of the harmful bacteria in your mouth you can prevent and treat this condition.

What kind of treatments are available for gum health as preventative measures?

One of the treatments our dentist in Loughton offers is scaling, which involves the removal of any tartar, plaques or stains that are on your tooth near the gums. Another treatment available is called root planing. This is a slightly more invasive procedure, as it consists of the excision of necrotic substances from the tooth below the gum. The immune system responds to foreign materials in the body with inflammation. Inflammation is a condition where a tissue gets swollen, red and sometimes painful due to our natural defence mechanisms. This is due to the body attempting to get more blood to the point of infection to recruit more white blood cells which tackle intruders. Debris stuck under the teeth can trigger the immune system to treat it as an invader, resulting in inflammation. If this is not cleaned out, it can lead to the chronic inflammation of the gum. As some of the immune system’s white blood cells respond to invaders by inducing cell death in the affected cell, chronic inflammation of a tissue can result in permanent tissue damage, which leads to tooth loss. Damaged gums due to inflammation also increase the risk of a dental implant not being successfully introduced. Consult a dentist in Loughton to find out which treatment would be more ideal for you.

Looking for a new family dentist in Loughton? 5 services Forest Dental can offer you and your family

When you are a parent, choosing a new dental surgery isn’t just about you.

You want to make sure the practice you pick can offer your children the best service and treatments too, to help them prepare for a life of good oral health.

family-dentist-loughtonWhile many parents assume that child dentistry is similar to adult dentistry, there are many differences to be aware of when picking a new dentist in Loughton. The enamel on a child’s teeth is generally weaker than that of an adult, meaning you will need to find a dental practitioner that is able to offer targeted services to keep your children’s teeth healthy.

At Forest Dental, our team can offer both you and your children targeted, preventive dentistry and more. Our dentist in Loughton is trained to offer children a range of treatments, to keep their teeth in top condition, while also making trips to the surgery fun and gentle, to prevent fears or phobias occurring later in life.

What other services can our dentist in Loughton offer you and your family? Read on to find out!

Fluoride sealants

As mentioned earlier, a child’s enamel is softer than that of an adult and is, therefore, more prone to issues like decay.

If our team notices the early signs of cavity formation on your child’s teeth, they will apply a fluoride sealant to the surface of the tooth. This barrier will restore strength to the weakened area and protect the tooth from further cavities, keeping those all important baby teeth intact for as long as possible.

Check-up from 12 months

Like many things in life, if you are exposed to treatments or professionals at an early age, you are less likely to be afraid of them as an adult.

Even if your child doesn’t have a full set of teeth in their mouth by 12 months of age, our team can offer them their first dental check-up. This will allow them to familiarise themselves with an oral examination, as well as the sounds and smells of the dental surgery.

Pregnancy dentistry

Of course, we can offer services to your partner and any family members to be too!

If you and your partner are expecting a baby, we can offer them specialised dental care to help them through their pregnancy with ease – everything from preventive dental check-ups to acid eliminating mouthwashes, we will make sure their oral health remains in top condition in preparation for the new arrival!

Nervous patients

Are you or your child fearful of the dentist?

Our dental team is trained to help even the most nervous patients feel at ease in our surgery. From using drill-free filling options to topical numbing gels pre-injection, our team will aim to make every trip your family takes to our surgery a pleasant and stress-free experience.

Long-term dental care

Last but not least, our dental team at Forest Dental is dedicated to giving you and your family the best long-term dental care possible as part of our guarantee to you.

What can you expect during a visit to the dentist?

At Forest Dental we provide our patients with caring and professional dental treatments carried out by a dedicated dental team. We believe that with our help, patients are empowered to maintain control of their dental health.

loughton-dentistWhy do we ask patients to keep routine visits? A routine visit to the dentist in Loughton every six months or so is the only reliable way to ascertain dental health, to give patients peace of mind. The benefits of these visits are many and include:

  • A dental practitioner can spot worrying symptoms (the formation of cavities, receding gums) that are certain to impact on teeth and gum health and can implement timely preventive measures.
  • Regular dental check-ups help patients reduce dental care costs. The risk of avoiding check-ups may mean minor problems escalating to bigger and complex problems that are expensive to treat. Filling in a cavity, for example, is less costly than having to replace a lost tooth with an artificial implant.
  • Good dental health contributes to optimal mental and psychological health. Consider how the loss of teeth can have a marked influence on a patient’s self-confidence levels and their ability to eat properly.
  • The investment in good oral health lasts a lifetime.

What happens during the check-up appointment

In order to evaluate dental health during a routine check-up appointment, our dentist in Loughton will conduct a thorough examination of a patient’s mouth. Thereafter a deep teeth cleaning procedure will be performed.

  • The oral examination

Our dentist in Loughton will want to assess the condition of your teeth, gums, tongue and throat. Often an experienced and knowing eye is required to detect potential problems. Our dental clinic is suitably staffed and equipped to carry out a comprehensive oral examination. Patients are surprised to find that a dental practitioner can often pick up serious health conditions just by examining dental health closely.

A dental practitioner will look for, in particular, signs of gum disease, the build-up of plaque and tartar, teeth mobility, broken or fractured teeth and signs of tooth decay. In addition to the teeth and gums, a dental practitioner may also have a look at other areas of the face such as jaw joints, neck and lymph nodes.

Should there be any symptoms that signal the need for further treatment, we will discuss this with patients to find the most suitable treatment plan.

  • Dental cleaning procedure

Even with good at-home oral hygiene care, there is still the possibility of plaque and tartar developing on teeth. During a check-up appointment a dental practitioner will want to pay special attention to any build-up on teeth. Professional teeth cleaning procedures are the only way to get rid of any stubborn build-up.  The cleaning procedure may also include teeth polishing that helps to eliminate staining as a result of eating and drinking and smoking.

Patients who have a medical condition such as diabetes are strongly urged to schedule regular check-ups. Diabetic patients are at higher risk of serious dental conditions that include periodontal diseases and infections. Schedule a check-up at Forest Dental today to ensure all is well with your dental health.

Cosmetic Dentistry at your dentist in Loughton

Cosmetic dentistry is any dental treatment that works to improve the appearance of the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is still concerned about the health of your teeth, but it is about producing the best-looking smile, and producing a smile that best reflects you. If you are after a dentist in Loughton who can give you cosmetic treatments, then Forest Dental is the place that you are looking for. At Forest Dental, we make sure to put our patients first, and give them crucial advice on how to achieve the most stunning and natural looking smile, and also make sure to utilise the best treatments possible.

Dentist in LoughtonTeeth whitening

While the enamel is extremely dense, as it is intended to be, it is also porous, which means that it can absorb bleaching agent. This means that teeth can be whitened very effectively and easily, and can often be done at home. Many dental practices will also use a tray method, which makes sure that the teeth are maintaining direct contact with the whitening gel, and that it is evenly distributed. If you are looking for a dentist in Loughton who can advise you on how to best whiten your teeth, then Forest Dental will be able to help.

White Fillings

White fillings are a common way to treat cavities, that also keep them looking aesthetically pleasing. Many people can worry about regular fillings, which can appear unsightly, as the grey or black fillings are often visible in the mouth. White fillings are a fantastic way to provide the appearance of unblemished teeth, which some people may be keen to do.


One key part of cosmetic dentistry is having straight teeth, which can be rectified with braces. This can be achieved with fixed braces, which use a metal wire to straighten the teeth. Many teenagers receive this treatment as it is easily the fastest and most effective way to straighten teeth.

However, many adults are not always keen on fixed braces, and will often consider other treatments. This is because fixed braces cannot be removed, and often are associated with teenagers, which for professional adults can be an undesirable quality. Invisible braces are the solution to this and can come in many forms. One of the main, and most common, forms of invisible braces is Invisalign. Invisalign is formed of a series of plastic braces that fit exactly over the teeth. As they are transparent, it is extremely difficult to see the brace, therefore making them extremely discreet.


If you are looking for a brand new smile, and are seeking a dentist in Loughton who can advise you on the best course of action, then we are happy to discuss veneers as an option for you. Veneers are prosthetic teeth made from porcelain, that are fitted over your existing teeth. Your existing teeth are quite often drilled away slightly, to provide space and also to provide a rougher surface for the adhesive to stick to. Speak to us here, at Forest Dental, if you are interested in veneers, or any of the other treatments that we offer, in order to improve your smile.

How do I choose a family dentist in Loughton?

Choosing a family dentist in Loughton can take a little time if you want to be perfectly sure that you have found the right one for you and you children. There are many factors to consider as each of you may require different things from your dentist. Discover how Forest Dental can make it easier to select a family dentist in Loughton that can meet all your needs.

Dentist in LoughtonA dentist for nervous patients

Children can be reluctant to attend dental appointments, which of course is not helpful when you want to ensure their teeth and gums are in tip-top condition. Adults too can also suffer from fear of the dentist and we at Forest Dental completely understand that a specialist approach may be needed to combat these fears. Our dental professionals are renowned for their gentle approach to dentistry and reassure patients, of any age, at each stage of the examination and should treatment be required. Many patients are afraid of the dental drill, and we at Forest Dental are delighted to be able to provide our patients with a drill-free alternative when treating tooth decay. Our clinic is the only dentist in Loughton to use the Healozone machine which kills bacteria without the use of a drill. Our patients’ comfort and health are always our priority and by using gentle dentistry and listening to our patients’ concerns, we can provide a comfortable environment for you and your entire family.

Prioritising preventive dentistry

The dental professionals at Forest Dental want to prevent any problems before they even begin. We have a strong ethos of preventive treatment and know that this approach is essential in protecting your family’s teeth and gums. Attending regular appointments and receiving the appropriate preventive treatments can help to avoid pain, discomfort and further treatments in the future. For further information about our preventive approach, get in touch today.

Cosmetic dentistry

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could receive cosmetic dentistry procedures at the same clinic that you and your family attend for general check-ups and treatments? Forest Dental provides a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments such as teeth-whitening, C-Fast Braces, and mini or full smile makeovers. Adults can enjoy the convenience of maximising their dental aesthetics and their dental health while also ensuring their children access outstanding dentistry at the same family-friendly dental practice.

Cost-effective treatments

Private dentistry can be expensive, but Forest Dental give our patients excellent value for money via our membership plans. We have plans for a minimal amount per month plus a small joining fee and plans can be used for children and adults, giving patients access to numerous benefits including priority out of hours and emergency appointments, worldwide accident and emergency dental cover, and even discounts on procedures and treatments that may not be covered by your existing plan. Choosing a dentist that outlines clear payment plans that give you access to excellent services is prudent when selecting a practice for your entire family.

Taking the fear factor out of treatment for decay

If you are looking for a dentist in Loughton where you can relax and feel safe, then you need gentle dentistry as practised by the team at Forest Dental.

We believe that dentistry does not have to be a frightening experience in the 21st century and that you can have treatment without setting off old traumas created in your past.

Dentist in LoughtonIf you suffer from dental phobia, you need to know that it is really very common. About 13% of the world’s population experiences extreme anxiety about visiting the dentist. Many phobias come from bad experiences at the dentist as a child, but such experiences may have also happened in adulthood.

Traumas are triggered by different things. One common trigger is the sight or sound of the dentist’s drill. Another is the pain from a needle using for injecting anaesthetic.

Here at Forest Dental, Dr Sab Rana is highly experienced in treating nervous patients. She will be able to talk to you gently and enable you to relax without the need for sedation.

We also have a way to treat decay without using a drill. It’s called HealOzone.

What is HealOzone and how does it work?

HealOzone uses ozone gas to kill off decay bacteria, instead of drilling it out. This method of treating tooth decay has been available for about a decade now, but not many dentists use it.

Ozone gas has been used as a disinfectant for decades. Our HealOzone machine takes oxygen from the air and converts it into ozone gas, which then goes through a handheld instrument that can target areas in your mouth with a concentrated stream.

Because it’s a gas, it can get into even the tiniest of fissures and cracks to kill off bacteria, viruses and fungi lurking there, stopping dental decay in its tracks.


If you’re not a fan of injections, we can numb the area to be injected with a dab of topical anaesthetic gel. Nearly all our patients report that with the gel put on first, they don’t feel the injection at all.

Please don’t let your fear of the dentist stop you getting the treatment you need.

Confidence boosting beautiful smiles

Here at Forest Dental, your dentist in Loughton, we see time and time again the transformation in people after they invest in a beautiful smile.

Not many people are naturally blessed with a beautiful smile, especially in the western world. What we consider to be gorgeous in the smile department, rows of well aligned, white teeth on a broad jaw, is the result of a lot of chewing. Chewing makes your jaw longer and broader when you are young, and gives room for all those teeth to line up well.

Dentist in LoughtonStraightening

The problem with modern jaws is that they don’t get enough chewing and so they are smaller. Modern teeth, however, are just as big as they were millennia ago when they evolved to cope with a diet that required a lot more chewing. So, today, we have too-small jaws and too-big teeth.

Braces can fix that problem and that’s why so many children and adults come to us for alignment issues. Braces in the modern world don’t have to be chunky metal affairs. There are finer, almost invisible devices that make going through the straightening treatment a whole lot more pleasant.


But straight teeth are not the whole story. Teeth can also get damaged. To fix damaged teeth, we can cover over dings and dents with veneers, which are sheaths of dental porcelain that are cemented over the front of the teeth. They can last for at least 10 years if you take good care of them.


You are what you eat and drink, and nowhere more so that on your tooth enamel, which collects tiny traces of pigment from what you consume. If you’re into tea, coffee, red wine, berries or smoking, your teeth will be stained. Teeth whitening can remove these stains and also lighten the enamel itself by oxidising it, so that you can have those lovely pearly whites that everyone wants.

You can either have each treatment done separately, as and when you need it, or you can lay out a game plan to follow by having a consultation for a smile makeover.

Make 2019 the year you transform your smile and boost your confidence.