New Patients

New Dental Patients

During your initial examination, your dentist will discuss and explain your treatment options available and provide you with a fee payment schedule agreed before treatment commences, if needed.

A New Patient Assessment includes:
30-minute appointment
Oral cancer screening
Forest Dental's comprehensive
7-point Assessment
Digital X-Rays are optional (£15 each)
Detailed advice on prevention
All for £60
Forest Dental 7-Point Assessment
Examination of Teeth

A thorough assessment of the health, function and appearance of your teeth and any existing restorations

Gum Health

We will carry out an extensive gum assessment of the foundation of your teeth. We may recommend a treatment programme for the deep cleaning of your teeth and gums.

Bite Records

We will record and review your bite; how your teeth meet and move across each other. We do this so that we identify the correct function of any restorative treatment we may plan together.

Jaw Joint

We assess your external jaw joints because the regular occurrence of headaches and migraines is often closely related to ‘bite’ issues such as teeth grinding during sleep.

Internal Soft Tissue

We assess the health of your tongue, cheeks and palate, and carry out a comprehensive Oral Cancer Screening at each examination.

External Soft Tissue

We assess the glands and lymph nodes around your neck and lips, noting facial profile and any abnormalities.


We will discuss your existing diet and lifestyle, including factors such as smoking and alcohol consumption, which can affect the health of your teeth. We will also ask you about your general health and medication.

A thorough clean can also be carried out at your initial appointment, which costs £84, and includes:
Thorough removal of difficult-to-reach plaque and tartar build-up using the ultrasonic scaler
Polish to help smooth the surface of your teeth, reduce the area where bacteria can cling to, and helps to remove stains
Fluoride application to reduce sensitivity, strengthen enamel, protect teeth from plaque, inhibit growth of harmful bacteria, and reduce gum problems

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