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Nervous Patients

At Forest Dental we understand that many patients are nervous about visiting the dentist, particularly if it has been a long time since they last sought dental treatment. Fear of the dentist is the number one reason adults in the UK put off having dental treatment, often leaving a simple-to-treat problem until it becomes an emergency. Ironically, seeking early treatment and attending regular dental check-ups could prevent many emergencies from arising, and most problems could be solved quickly and painlessly with good preventative care and early intervention when appropriate.

There are many reasons patients fear visiting the dentist. A bad experience in the past, phobia of injections or of the drill, the sounds and smells of the dental surgery and embarrassment about their teeth are just some examples of why patients can be afraid to see a dentist.

Our dentist, Dr Sab Rana, is highly experienced in treating nervous patients, without the need for sedations. She practises gentle dentistry and has a kind, reassuring nature that has helped many nervous patients overcome their fears.

We treat all patients with care and respect, and want only to help you achieve a healthy mouth and happy smile. We would never be judgemental and see patients with many different conditions, so you should never feel embarrassed about coming to us.

Forest Dental is the only practice in the area to use the Healozone machine, which treats tooth decay painlessly using ozone gas to kill bacteria, eschewing the need for drilling. Should you need an injection, we use a topical numbing gel which, as many patients have reported, means you don't even feel the needle.