Whitening and brightening your smile at Forest Dental

When patients have spent years consuming caffeinated drinks, coloured beverages such as red wine or taking certain medications that stain the teeth, it may be that their smile has been tainted with the stains of these choices. Whilst for some this cosmetic impact may not be something they are concerned about, for others, the stained smile can cause a variety of discomforts. This is where the option to whiten your teeth may become appealing.

Whilst teeth whitening, like all dental treatments and procedures, is not a one size fits all method, there are a variety of possibilities which can be discussed with you by our knowledgeable dental team at Forest Dental Loughton.

Choosing over-the-counter whitening products to save the pennies


As with all treatments and procedures there are a variety of options readily available to be carried out at home. Whilst over-the-counter or internet solutions are not something that is strongly recommended, they are often the cheaper options. This is always an appealing aspect to anything we look at purchasing, but by attending Forest Dental Loughton for your teeth whitening process you are not only ensuring that the necessary safety checks of the product have been carried out, but you are also ensuring that the materials used are specific to your individual case. Having white teeth is a very generic and broad term, whereas brightening up the smile with teeth whitening products is not quite that simple. After all, very few people intentionally seek a smile that is so white it appears completely fake. By working with your dental team at Forest Dental Loughton we are able to brighten your smile whilst ensuring the process leaves a natural appearance to it rather than a synthetic one.

Overnight treatments

Although we strongly recommend using tooth whitening treatments provided by your dental team, this does not mean that you have to spend large amounts of time at the dental practice. One type of tooth whitening treatment is an at-home kit. These rely heavily on the patient’s commitment to the process, as the patient is provided with a special paste that is to be inserted into a retainer type tray and worn overnight. This particular treatment often suits patients who are too busy or potentially nervous when it comes to their dental visits. Whilst check-ups are needed to ensure that the process is working efficiently, the length of time within the Forest Dental Loughton surgery is greatly reduced.

A Zoom treatment

For patients who are seeking a quick fix to their discoloured smile, it may be that they pop into the dental practice for an intensive 90 minute treatment known as ‘Zoom’. Whilst this procedure does not suit every patient, the results are immediate and therefore patients that are seeking a brighter smile for a special event may be more swayed towards the more concentrated procedure.

No matter how discoloured your smile may appear to yourself, discuss your options with your dental team to ensure that you are understanding each treatment and choosing the most suitable one for yourself. Your comfort is one of our aims and therefore choosing the treatment to suit your needs is essential.