What can you expect during a visit to the dentist?

At Forest Dental we provide our patients with caring and professional dental treatments carried out by a dedicated dental team. We believe that with our help, patients are empowered to maintain control of their dental health.

loughton-dentistWhy do we ask patients to keep routine visits? A routine visit to the dentist in Loughton every six months or so is the only reliable way to ascertain dental health, to give patients peace of mind. The benefits of these visits are many and include:

  • A dental practitioner can spot worrying symptoms (the formation of cavities, receding gums) that are certain to impact on teeth and gum health and can implement timely preventive measures.
  • Regular dental check-ups help patients reduce dental care costs. The risk of avoiding check-ups may mean minor problems escalating to bigger and complex problems that are expensive to treat. Filling in a cavity, for example, is less costly than having to replace a lost tooth with an artificial implant.
  • Good dental health contributes to optimal mental and psychological health. Consider how the loss of teeth can have a marked influence on a patient’s self-confidence levels and their ability to eat properly.
  • The investment in good oral health lasts a lifetime.

What happens during the check-up appointment

In order to evaluate dental health during a routine check-up appointment, our dentist in Loughton will conduct a thorough examination of a patient’s mouth. Thereafter a deep teeth cleaning procedure will be performed.

  • The oral examination

Our dentist in Loughton will want to assess the condition of your teeth, gums, tongue and throat. Often an experienced and knowing eye is required to detect potential problems. Our dental clinic is suitably staffed and equipped to carry out a comprehensive oral examination. Patients are surprised to find that a dental practitioner can often pick up serious health conditions just by examining dental health closely.

A dental practitioner will look for, in particular, signs of gum disease, the build-up of plaque and tartar, teeth mobility, broken or fractured teeth and signs of tooth decay. In addition to the teeth and gums, a dental practitioner may also have a look at other areas of the face such as jaw joints, neck and lymph nodes.

Should there be any symptoms that signal the need for further treatment, we will discuss this with patients to find the most suitable treatment plan.

  • Dental cleaning procedure

Even with good at-home oral hygiene care, there is still the possibility of plaque and tartar developing on teeth. During a check-up appointment a dental practitioner will want to pay special attention to any build-up on teeth. Professional teeth cleaning procedures are the only way to get rid of any stubborn build-up.  The cleaning procedure may also include teeth polishing that helps to eliminate staining as a result of eating and drinking and smoking.

Patients who have a medical condition such as diabetes are strongly urged to schedule regular check-ups. Diabetic patients are at higher risk of serious dental conditions that include periodontal diseases and infections. Schedule a check-up at Forest Dental today to ensure all is well with your dental health.