Forest Dental

From the moment you walk through our doors, you can rest assured you are in safe, caring and experienced hands. Is it time for a new year, new you in Loughton? If it is then Forest Dental is the dentist for you. We offer general, preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

oral-surgery-in-loughtonWe pride ourselves on our welcoming and caring environment and guarantee every member of our team will listen to all your dental needs and treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve.

To help you get that new year, new you in Loughton, we will explain in detail any makeover treatment you want, as well as give you all the treatment options, and clearly explain the associated costs.

We promise our patients that we will perform our very best standard of dental work for you always, as well as keep our patients informed of all the latest techniques and materials available for your treatments.

Forest Dental also guarantee our dental work for at least 12 months, so you can be assured you are in safe hands at Forest Dental, for that new year, new you, in Loughton.

How we can help you recognise systemic disease

A systemic disease is one that affects several organs and tissues, or affects the body as a whole. Forest Dental can detect the early oral signs of some systemic diseases. Every member of our dental team is highly trained to spot the early signs of numerous life-threatening diseases, such as oral cancers.

Forest Dental can offer our patients mouth cancer screenings.Recent studies show that mouth cancer is increasing and that early detection greatly improves the chances of recovery. Late detection of mouth cancers has resulted in a higher rate of deaths per number of cases than breast cancer or cervical cancer.

At Forest Dental, we will provide a detailed analysis of your oral health history to determine any risk factors that you might have and give you a thorough examination of your mouth, head and neck. We will then do an internal oral examination, including the insides of your cheeks and around your tongue.We will report back to you in detail and refer you to a specialist if needed.