Dental hygiene: the basis of good oral health

Looking after your mouth, teeth and gums is at the very foundation of good oral health.

Here at Forest Dental in Loughton, we recommend that you come to us for a hygiene appointment four times a year, so that we can make sure you have the optimum cleanliness in your mouth, and so avoid the build-up of plaque and tartar that can lead to so many dental problems.

dental-hygiene-in-LoughtonWhen you come to see the dentist for dental hygiene you will be treated by our principal dentist, Dr Sab Rana. Dr Rana has been a practising dentist since 1993, and acquired Forest Dental in 2004. Dr Rana is a great believer in long-term preventive care, rather than short-term fixes, which is why she is so keen on dental hygiene.

Dr Rana will inspect your teeth and gums carefully to asses the amount of plaque to be removed and also if there are any risk factors. Then, in a process called scaling and polishing, Dr Rana will clean away the plaque.

Plaque is layer of bacteria that grows on all the surfaces of the teeth. It particularly builds up around the gums and between the teeth, in hard-to-reach places. These bacteria feed on the sugars in the food and drinks you ingest, and when they do, they excrete an acidic substance that eats away at your tooth enamel. The acid starts dissolving your tooth enamel within 20 minutes of you eating, and this is what creates cavities. You won’t be able to feel the pain of them until they become quite large holes inside your teeth. These holes can turn into abscesses if they are not treated.

In order for you to keep up good levels of dental hygiene between hygiene appointments, Dr Sab will also show you the best techniques for brushing your teeth, using dental floss and inter dental brushes.

Also, if you are one of the many people who have braces, a bridge, dentures, or dental implants, Dr Rana will show you how to keep your teeth and gums clean around these appliances.

If you would like to book an appointment for dental hygiene in Loughton, you can use our online form, or call us on 020 8502 2625.