Forest Dental keeping the community healthy

At Forest Dental Loughton we believe in helping the community to become healthier by encouraging proper dental hygiene. We believe that we are contributing to the overall well being of the community that we serve. Our team of dedicated staff provide patient care that can detect possible future health concerns early, that otherwise might only be diagnosed much later in other practices. Tooth decay and gum disease have been linked to more serious illnesses. Bacteria from the mouth can lead to infection of the heart lining or cardiovascular disease and the resistance to infection caused by oral bacteria can increase the probability of becoming diabetic. In women who are pregnant the increase in oral bacteria during pregnancy can also cause a number of other complications.

Providing care and treatment for the whole family

Forest Dental Loughton provides a full range of treatment for the entire family. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to the dental surgery from an early age to acclimatise them and make the surgery a secure and pleasant place to visit. A welcoming and caring team approach helps our patients to confide in us and trust us with their dental concerns. From reception to dentist our philosophy and approach is the same – that you are our focus. Children we treat now are the future adult patients of our dental practice and a reputation for care and attention to detail is what makes a dental practice successful.

Preventive dentistry

Proper routine dental hygiene and six monthly visits to the dentist are a part of the overall regime required to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. By starting to visit a dentist at a young age correct advice on brushing and flossing will become routine.

Latest technology and training

The latest dental equipment allows Forest Dental Loughton to offer exceptional diagnostic and treatment results. The use of a laser detector pen allows for the detection of tooth decay that can be accurately pinpointed effortlessly. In addition we use equipment that uses oxygen converted into ozone to safely and effectively remove harmful bacteria. Detecting the problem early allows treatment to occur before it is necessary to drill and remove the decay and then to fill the cavity created. Dental technological advances are rapidly changing dentistry and staff training on the latest equipment and techniques is ongoing. This allows for the provision of long-term, permanent dental care rather than temporary fixes.

Solving patients’ dental issues

As a dentist the primary goal is to provide patients with first class service and excellent dental care. The result of doing this well will build a good reputation leading to a successful dental practice and happy patients.

Reviews bring patients

Technology today exposes us all to the world especially on social media and positive reviews mean that patients are satisfied. It is an immediate measure of how well a dental practice is doing. It is vitally important that dentists pay attention to the concerns of their patients and seek to address those concerns quickly and efficiently. A dental practitioner now not only has to be good at providing top class dental care, but customer service to match. This is the ultimate goal of our practice each and every time a patient comes through our doors.