Cosmetic dentistry at Forest Dental

If you are hoping to improve the look of your smile, then here at Forest Dental in Loughton offer many different cosmetic treatments to help you with this. All of them vary with how much they can do in terms of changing the look of the smile, but they are all beneficial and can help boost your confidence.


Porcelain veneers

This type of cosmetic treatment can be an effective and quick way to improve the look of your smile. This involves you having specially-made slivers of porcelain attached to the front of your teeth, to cover any imperfections. Getting veneers does not require a lot of preparation to the teeth before, meaning it is less invasive than some other treatments and can also be done quicker. Veneers can disguise imperfections such as stains, small gaps, or minor misalignment.

C-Fast braces

If you are looking for straighter teeth, but want it done quickly, then these braces could be for you. They are similar to traditional fixed braces, but are less visible and only focus on a few front teeth. Focusing on the front teeth is a great way of doing it as these are the teeth that other people see the most, this also means it has a quicker result. The average treatment time for these braces is 5 months, but can be achieved in as little as 8 weeks depending on the condition of your teeth.

Cosmetic contouring

If you have minor imperfections in your smile, such as a tooth that has been chipped slightly, worn away or is too pointy, then contouring could be the treatment for you. This procedure is painless, cost effective and can improve your smile massively, just by making small adjustments. Our dentists at Forest Dental Loughton use polishing discs to gently contour your teeth to improve the look of them.

Teeth whitening

We offer two types of teeth whitening methods to suit your preferences, one that you can do from the comfort of your own home and one that happens in our dental practice. The first type is our Zoom teeth whitening treatment, this usually takes around 90 minutes to complete. If effective, your teeth can appear up to 9 shades whiter, after one treatment!

The other alternative is our home teeth whitening kit option. Your dentist from Forest Dental in Loughton will assess your teeth and take a mould of them so a custom whitening tray can be created. This tray fits perfectly round your teeth, and you can either wear it overnight or in two separate sessions during the day. This is great for people who may feel nervous about getting their teeth whitened in the dental practice.

White fillings

At our dental practice, we use a white material for our fillings so that when you smile or open your mouth, they are not visible to others. The white fillings are just as strong as any other type of filling, and are practically invisible.

We take pride in helping our patients maintain their smile, and we offer many different treatments to suit anyone’s needs. Don’t think twice about contacting our dental practice if you are looking for high-quality cosmetic dentistry!