Everyone needs general dentistry

It may seem like the entire nation is fixated on having the whitest, most even glorious set of teeth. Goodness knows, even the judges on Strictly have been making comments about smiles before getting down to critiquing footwork and body position. And beautiful smiles are important, but they only work if the teeth and mouth are in good nick. There’s no point in investing in cosmetic dentistry if your teeth are going to fall victim to dental decay or gum disease.

General Dentistry in LoughtonHere at Forest Dental in Loughton, we love making beautiful smiles but only if your teeth and gums are in good oral health to start with. We are not going to ignore that filling you need so that you can have the veneers you fancy. It would be like putting expensive statement wallpaper on a wall with rising damp. It may look lovely to start with, but it isn’t going to last.

So, please don’t wilfully ignore your general dentistry needs in favour of your cosmetic dentistry desires.

What is general dentistry?

These are the check-ups and basic treatments that keep your mouth and teeth in good working order.


We encourage all our patients to come for a check-up twice a year, perhaps more if you have particular health conditions that will affect the mouth or if you are a smoker. Check-ups are our opportunity to spot problems in their early stages when they are easier and cheaper to correct. A small filling is going to cost a whole lot less than a crown, or an extraction followed by a dental implant, for example.

Scale and polish

Get your hardened plaque removed twice a year by the hygienist and you dramatically reduce your chances of getting gum disease.

Other general treatments

General dentistry at Forest Dental also covers restorations such as crowns, which are porcelain covers for a tooth that is badly damaged but still has a healthy root, allowing you to hang onto your own teeth for longer. You will need a crown if you have to have root canal therapy, another general treatment.

Many general treatments are available on the NHS, and cost less than private treatments.