Don’t be one of the 6,800

Every year around 6,800 people in the UK are diagnosed with mouth cancer in the UK. The figure is rising: rates of mouth  cancer have jumped by 68 per cent over the past 20 years.

And yet there is little reason to be one of the mortality rate statistics for these cancers because detection is easy to do and the cancers are easy to catch in their early stages, when they are also easy to treat.

Mouth Cancer Screening in LoughtonAll you have to do is make sure that if you are over about the age of 35, you have a mouth cancer screening every year. We can do a mouth cancer screening in Loughton for you here at Forest Dental after we have done one of your bi-annual check-ups.

What is mouth and throat cancer?

Cancers of the mouth and throat are caused by damaged cells that start to grow uncontrollably into tumours. They occur in the lips, gums, tonsils, palate, the lining of the mouth, the tongue, under the tongue and in the throat. These are all places that are pretty easy to examine, and while there is no national compulsory programme for mouth cancer screening, we are trained to carry them out.

What does a mouth cancer screening involve?

We carefully examine your lips and all around inside your mouth (using a small angled mirror to get a really good look). We look for lumps, bumps and lesions. If we find one, we will send you to get it cut out and analysed for cancerous cells. You won’t have to wait long for an appointment.

After we have checked your mouth, we will also carefully feel around your neck, checking for more unexpected lumps in the glands and throat.

We will also ask you if you have had any odd hoarseness, tingling or lumps that won’t heal. If you do have any such symptoms that last longer than 3 weeks when you are between screenings, make an appointment with us to get them checked out.

Mouth Cancer Action Month

November is Mouth Cancer Action Month in the UK, so you will probably read and see lots about it. If you want any more information, please don’t hesitate to ask us.