Are you going to be naughty or nice to your teeth?

People rarely ask for toothbrushes for Christmas and yet this is the exact time of year when you want to be most thorough in your dental routine.

oral-cancer-screeningEven just the amount of nuts that get eaten in the festive season can cause havoc with the teeth by getting stuck in between them or tempting you after you have already brushed your teeth for the night! There are some things that it is good to be particularly assiduous about at this time of year. Take care of these and you will be able to enjoy yourself without any worries.

Give yourself the gift of brushing your teeth even after a snack. While snacking between meals at this time is hard to avoid, make sure you continue to care for your teeth as you normal would plus a bit extra. Perhaps even consider swapping a few of the more sugary items for something a bit healthier.

It is worth booking an appointment with your dentist during or just after the festive season to check your teeth are doing okay, perhaps get them cleaned and get any issues attended to.

Keep an eye out for symptoms

Another state that often comes along at Christmas is stress. With so many things to do it is easy to feel run down and like your general well being is not high on the list of priorities. Any issues with your mouth might be something you think can be sorted out in the new year. However, there are some symptoms you should not ignore such as persistent lumps or bumps in the mouth, feelings of numbness, red or white patches, persistent pain or the feeling of having something stuck in your throat. All of these are potential signs of oral cancer and the sooner you get yourself checked out, the better- even if it just for peace of mind.

At Forest Dental, we offer an oral cancer screening service where we take a detailed look at your mouth, your history and your family’s history. If you are unsure about anything in your mouth or just want to be safe, then book an appointment. We recommend a screening every year to continue to monitor your oral health and give you peace of mind.