Unleash the true potential of your smile through Forest Dental in Loughton

Let yourself shine

forest-dental-loughtonHere at Forest Dental in Loughton, our number one goal is allow each of our unique, individual patients – of all ages – to maximise the true beauty and potential reach that their smiles could have. Our smiles are one of the most important assets that we all possess. They are what we present to the world on a daily basis, and play a vital role in almost every aspect of our lives. As such, at Forest Dental in Loughton, we offer our patients an entire spectrum of cosmetic dentistry procedures and techniques – each being utilised around each patient to bring out the best in their smiles and boost their inner confidence.

Is cosmetic dentistry right for me?

You have probably heard of cosmetic dentistry at some point or other. However, deciding whether or not it is the best approach to help you bring about your best smile, requires first that you have a good grasp on what it actually is. Rather than being something entirely irreversible, or a privilege reserved only for the rich and famous – cosmetic dentistry is a field which expands over a whole range of procedures, from a simple, non-invasive treatment such as professional tooth whitening, to a complete remodeling of your smile through dentures. Each patient, if they are considering a cosmetic dentistry procedure to help boost the impact of their smile, must first visit us at Forest Dental in Loughton for a friendly chat with one of our expert cosmetic dentistry specialist who will help you work out which treatment is most suited to your needs and form a treatment plan – should you choose to continue.

Teeth whitening

One of our most widely requested forms of cosmetic dentistry across the spectrum, is also one of our least invasive. This is cosmetic tooth whitening, which is a cosmetic procedure which aims to rid your teeth of any signs of age, greyness or yellowing or remove and marks or stains that you may have. There are a number of reasons as to why your teeth may become marked or stained – such as whether or not your smoke or drink highly staining drinks such as black tea or coffee. Discoloration and yellowness of your teeth can be a natural result of aging, and can also be brought about through poor oral hygiene, or from taking certain prescription medications. Whatever the reason may be, however, here at Forest Dental, our teeth whitening cosmetic experts can completely reverse all signs of deterioration and leave you with a gleaming, glistening new smile.

How does it work?

The process of getting a whiter smile from us here at Forest Dental initially starts with a custom mould being made of your teeth. From this mould, a retainer is created – which you are then given to take home. Into this retainer, over the following two weeks, patients then place a small quantity of a peroxide-based whitening gel. As the retainer has been custom made to fit perfectly around the patient teeth, as the gel begins to eradicate the stains – there will be no areas left yellowed in the more difficult to reach areas. After a short timeframe, the patient can enjoy a brighter and more impactful smile which is bound to make a lasting impression.