How are tooth decay and its consequences treated and prevented?

Tooth decaydentist-in-loughton

Tooth decay occurs mostly as a result of certain bacterial species in our oral cavity overgrowing. These species make up our natural oral microbiome – just like with the gut microbiome, their presence is not intrinsically harmful in any way. These species utilise the sugar remains left in our mouth after a meal to grow and reproduce. Some of these species produce acids as a waste product, which can damage our teeth’s mineral content. The issues start to happen when there is an overly large amount of sugar available for our oral microbiota through poor dietary or oral hygiene habits. In this case the microbes quickly reproduce and in turn proportionally increase the amount of acids secreted. This can accelerate the rate at which the dentine and the enamel’s calcium phosphate is dissolved and thus contribute to tooth decay. If you’re looking for a dentist in Loughton to treat tooth decay, book an appointment with us at Forest Dental for quality in both service and treatment.

Prevention of tooth decay

Despite the fact that tooth decay is a very common condition, there are a few things you can introduce to your lifestyle, which greatly reduce your risk of developing tooth decay. Understanding the mechanisms behind tooth decay can help you towards this. An early sign of tooth decay to look out for is a white spot on the surface of the tooth. This sign is very important to look out for, as in this initial stage tooth decay is reversible by practising the following lifestyle changes. Maintain good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth at least twice a day, using dental floss to clean the space between your teeth inaccessible for toothbrushes, and by using an antibacterial mouthwash to keep the amount of acid producing bacteria under control. Do not use too much mouthwash however, as your oral microbiome might play an important role in your health, similarly to the gut microbiome, which produces vitamins and helps fight pathogenic species in the gut. If you would like to find a dentist in Loughton to treat tooth decay, we can promise you thorough and dedicated professionals to preserve the health of your teeth.

The consequences of tooth decay and their treatment

The most common result of tooth decay is the formation of cavities, also known as caries. Unfortunately, once caries have occurred the tooth decay process is not reversible. Treatments available for it alongside lifestyle changes can prevent further tooth decay and abolish the pain and heat sensitivity of the tooth associated with the cary. Cavities are mostly treated by fillings. Fillings can be made out of various materials, which are introduced into the hole in the tooth once it has been cleaned to prevent further decay. Amalgam fillings today have been largely replaced by composite white fillings due to both health concerns associated with mercury and aesthetic reasons. Tooth decay can also cause tooth loss by infecting the tooth’s innermost living part, the pulp. This can be treated with dental implants, which are metal screws surgically inserted into the jawbone, where they integrate into it and serve as a root for replacement teeth. If you are looking for a dentist in Loughton to treat tooth loss, we have the expertise and experience to perform implants leaving you with a full set of fully functioning teeth once more.

Might a dentist in Loughton be the answer to your oral concerns?

Your safety is our top prioritydentist-in-loughton

At Forest Dental it is our aim to put a smile on every face who receives treatment through our practice. With the recent impact of Covid-19 causing us all to take extra precautions, our staff have been working tirelessly to make sure that patients who need our services can do so in a way in which they feel safe, comfortable and secure. As such, we are a dentist in Loughton who has taken extra precautionary measures – for the safety and security of our staff and patients – which must be carried out by everyone prior to undergoing any treatment.

These include temperature checks through a non-contact thermometer, providing all patients with shoe and face coverings upon entry, the continual sanitisation of all surfaces and work areas, and the administering of a microbial mouthwash prior to and at the end of every treatment. These measures, alongside others such as social distancing and a new HEPA air filtration system have all been in place to make sure that patients can get the dental care they need, without having to put their – or their dentist’s – health at risk in the process.

Time to get the care you need

Throughout the recent country-wide lockdown, and the regional, ongoing lockdown restrictions, many people across the nation have neglected their oral routines or habits. Whilst this is perfectly understandable given the pressures and stresses which we’ve all been under, at Forest Dental we are encouraging everyone who may of put their oral habits on ice over the recent lockdown measures to seek out the services of our dentists in Loughton now, so that we can make their smile as healthy as it should be and keep them smiling. We are proudly now fully open and trying our best to return to the normal service of providing patients with the standard of excellence which they have come to expect here at Forest Dental.

What can a dentist in Loughton do for me?

One of the most popular treatments which patients are increasingly asking us about here at Forest Dental is a ‘mini smile makeover’. We understand that for many people having a smile which is visibly deteriorated, chipped, stained or broken can have a lasting negative impact on both how you feel as well as impacting on your oral health. Our ‘Mini Smile Makeover’ service has been designed as a cost-effective, painless, non-invasive and simple way for our patients to address a number of cosmetic concerns which they may have with their smile all at once, through a single cosmetic treatment.

Through a process which is known as composite bonding – in which a tooth coloured resin is bonded to the patient’s existing teeth to reshape them and get rid of a number of cosmetic problems such as chips and stains – we can form a whole new smile in just one session. Anyone who has become concerned about one or more cosmetic problems with their smile in recent months, and feels that it may be affecting how they feel or how they are viewed by others, ought to speak to one of our cosmetic expert practitioners here at Forest Dental and see if a ‘Mini Smile Makeover’ could be the solution.

Emphasising the importance of a bi-annual check-up at your local dentist in Loughton

Many patients may undermine their scheduled bi-annual check-up at their local dentist in Loughton, despite this however a dental hygiene appointment at your local dentist in Loughton could be argued as instrumental in maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene for many

Many patients may choose to overlook their dental hygiene appointment

Many patients may choose to reschedule, postpone, or even refrain from attending their appointment altogether, and this may be due to a multitude of factors, such as financial concerns, a hectic work or social life, or possibly even the belief that their teeth are in good enough shape (and they therefore do not require further dental attention). Whatever the cause however, choosing to miss your dental appointment can unfortunately have a devastating effect on your oral health, and this may be for many reasons!

Ensuring your smile is in the best possible condition

In a dental hygiene appointment our team of experienced dental healthcare professionals will not only administer a general oral examination, however we will also check each individual tooth for early signs of cavities, fragmentation, oral cancer, or general dental decay. In addition to these standardised procedures however, our clinic also chooses to adopt a patient-centred dental approach, which ensures our patients achieve the best possible results for their individual dental case!

Get to know our dental approach

At our dental clinic situated in the heart of Loughton we welcome new patients with welcome arms. We believe our experienced and welcoming team of dental healthcare professionals offer a superior standard of service for our patients, everytime. In addition to our fantastic dental team who treat our patients within a modern and friendly dental clinic, we also treat every dental case as entirely unique, our dental hygiene appointments are therefore no exception to this rule.

What to expect during a dental hygiene appointment at our clinic

Many of our patients may feel more comfortable after knowing what to expect from a visit to our clinic in Loughton (especially for those who experience anxiety within a dental environment)!. During a dental hygiene appointment at our surgery we not only administer several standardised procedures, however we will also discuss with our patients any changes to their medication since their last visit, in addition to the lifestyle habits they choose to adopt, and lastly the food and drink they consume.

Going the extra mile for our patients

In addition to these questions, we also discuss with our patients any future dental work they may wish to pursue with our team, and lastly any sensitivity, discomfort, or possibly even pain they are experiencing within the mouth.

Considering receiving our dental services?

If you are considering receiving dental work from our experienced and friendly dental team, then you may wish to get in touch with us via our many means of contact! Located on both our modern, and easily-accessible dental website we provide both our new and loyal patients with our direct contact number, in addition to our email address, and our online appointment query form.

Looking for a new dentist in Loughton? 5 reasons to join Forest Dental today!

Have you recently moved to Loughton and are looking for a suitable, top-quality dental service for you and your family?dentist-in-loughton

In the past, it was commonplace to simply choose the most convenient dental surgery based on location; you went to the surgery that was nearest to you for your biannual check-ups. Now that there are more services offered by dental practices, you may want to look beyond the convenience of location and choose the surgery that actually caters to your dental needs.

Indeed, as it is now commonplace for dental surgeries to offer cosmetic, restorative, orthodontic and general dentistry under one roof, there is a great deal more to consider!

At Forest Dental, we offer all of our patients a myriad of dental services, ranging from the simple biannual check-up to more advanced cosmetic treatments. Our dentist in Loughton can help with preventive dentistry, smile makeovers and missing teeth, all while also catering to younger patients! Perfect!

But what are some of the other reasons why you should choose our dentist in Loughton? Read on to find out!

Nervous patients

Our team offers our nervous patients a compassionate, non-judgemental service when they choose us as their team, so if you are a bit worried about attending a dental check-up, come to us!

Our dentist in Loughton is proud to offer painless dentistry to all of our patients, due to our investment in painless dental tools and teaching our staff the most recent dental techniques to ensure that you are comfortable at all times. Brilliant!

Evening appointments

In the modern world, longer working hours are becoming more commonplace and so, at Forest Dental, we are able to offer our patients evening appointments upon request.

Your teeth don’t work on a 9-5 basis, so why should your dental team? Ask our staff for more details about evening appointments.

Financing and plans

As part of our commitment to providing high-quality cosmetic treatments to all of our patients, we are proud to be able to offer suitable patients financing options. Helping you break down the cost of that final total into monthly payments, you won’t have to worry about any upfront payments or cutting back on luxuries to afford top-quality dental work, all you will have to worry about is where to show off your gorgeous new smile.

We also offer dental plans, which can help to cover the cost of general dental treatments and bring them within easy reach for our patients.


If you have decay in your mouth and need a filling, our team can offer you this without a drill!

Using our Healozone machine, we are able to fill, clean and disinfect teeth without the use of any needles, meaning that you won’t have to listen to a noisy dental drill to have your teeth restored!

Early detection

While our team is trained to spot decay in your mouth, sometimes due to issues with tooth positioning, areas can be overlooked.

Ar Forest Dental, our Diagnodent machine can detect early signs of decay, leading to simpler treatment options.

Preventive care by Forest Dental, your dentist in Loughton

Preventive dental care is perhaps the most important aspect of ensuring that your smile remains strong, healthy and beautiful for years to come. As your dentist in Loughton we offer a vast range of preventive dental treatments that are available here at the

By speaking with your dentist in Loughton, you will be able to determine which treatments are the best applicable to your personal situation, so that you can make the most out of each consultation that you have here with us.

Some of our patients find that the biannual check-up that they receive gives them the confidence that they need when it comes to their routine oral health care at home and how they present themselves in daily situations.

We understand the importance of a healthy and beautiful smile and are determined to offer you the chance to make sure that your smile is the best it can be. So if you are suffering from a lack of confidence with your smile, perhaps because you have bad breath, sensitive teeth or unhealthy gums, then come in to see your local and friendly dentist in Loughton for a range of solutions that can meet your personal needs.

What are some of the preventive treatments offered to adults?

We focus on education and hygiene in our preventive care for adults, knowing that a clean smile is the foundation of a healthy one. A lot of issues that a patient can present with may also centre around problems with oral hygiene, so making sure that you are educated on how to keep your own smile fresh and clean and then giving you the tools to do this will set you on the right path to a happier, healthier smile.

A scale and polish can be performed during your check-up or in more depth in a specific cleaning appointment with your hygienist. We recommend that you do this at least twice a year and if you have issues with plaque or tartar build-up, it may be more beneficial for this to happen more often.

This is one of the most effective ways to combat bad breath and prevent gum disease or tooth decay. Preventive measures such as a good oral hygiene routine are the first step in preventing issues with your mouth, teeth and gums and will let you enjoy a beautiful smile for life.

Preventive treatments for children

Children need a different approach to preventive care, because they do not have the same concerns and worries as adults. We need to make sure that their teeth are cared for correctly, which can be a little tricky, because some teeth are hard to clean, especially when patients are young.

This is why preventive treatments, such as fissure sealant, have been developed. This covers and seals the deep grooves in the back teeth which generally harbour the most bacteria and are the most at risk of developing cavities.

A sealant can be applied safely and fills in these grooves so that these teeth are protected from harm. It will wear away after some time, but you can easily replace the sealant again for maximum protection.

Looking for a compassionate dentist in Loughton?

A dentist in Loughton is more than a professional who cares for teeth and gums. You need to feel confident and calm under our care, so that you feel free to discuss any concerns that you may have or broach topics that you would otherwise feel uncomfortable to talk about.loughton-dentist

We do what we can to enable you to feel relaxed and confident during your consultation. If you are coming in to visit your dentist in Loughton for the first time, there are a few questions that you will be asked in order to establish the foundations of our relationship together.

Why is it important to know so much about me?

We do ask questions not only about your previous dental history, but about your medical history, your lifestyle choices and your diet as well. It is important to understand that your overall health and wellbeing is connected with the health of your smile. A holistic outlook enables us to not only treat conditions accurately, but to diagnose issues or recognise potential concerns that you may face as well.

This kind of preventive dental care is what sets us apart. We are looking out for your entire wellbeing and aim to provide you with a healthier smile; one that you have always desired to have. Combining our efforts with educating you on how to care for your teeth and gums between visits, we can allow an overall oral health care routine that permits stronger, whiter and cleaner teeth.

How do we start?

It all starts with an initial consultation with a dentist in Loughton. Understanding potential concerns due to previous dental work, a diet high in sugar or a smoking addiction can enable us to work with intention and focus.

After you have filled out a general questionnaire prior to your initial consultation, we will sit down and talk about some key points, as well as open up some time for you to talk about any other concerns regarding your smile that you may have.

We will then investigate the health of your teeth and gums, using a range of different tools that we have available. We perform both an intraoral and extra oral assessment to ensure that any issues are identified and that your smile is as healthy as it can be.

After our physical consultation, we can discuss with you any issues that we have found and come to an agreement about a treatment plan to address any and all of the problems that we have uncovered.

In all probability your mouth will be in no need of any restorative work, and should this be the case, we will work on informing you of any potential issues and how you can avoid these becoming bigger than they are.

Preventive care is foremost in our treatments, making sure that you know how to look after your smile in between visits. Even if your smile is healthy, you should aim to come in and see us every six months so that we can monitor the health of your teeth and give them a scale and polish.

Unleash the true potential of your smile through Forest Dental in Loughton

Let yourself shine

forest-dental-loughtonHere at Forest Dental in Loughton, our number one goal is allow each of our unique, individual patients – of all ages – to maximise the true beauty and potential reach that their smiles could have. Our smiles are one of the most important assets that we all possess. They are what we present to the world on a daily basis, and play a vital role in almost every aspect of our lives. As such, at Forest Dental in Loughton, we offer our patients an entire spectrum of cosmetic dentistry procedures and techniques – each being utilised around each patient to bring out the best in their smiles and boost their inner confidence.

Is cosmetic dentistry right for me?

You have probably heard of cosmetic dentistry at some point or other. However, deciding whether or not it is the best approach to help you bring about your best smile, requires first that you have a good grasp on what it actually is. Rather than being something entirely irreversible, or a privilege reserved only for the rich and famous – cosmetic dentistry is a field which expands over a whole range of procedures, from a simple, non-invasive treatment such as professional tooth whitening, to a complete remodeling of your smile through dentures. Each patient, if they are considering a cosmetic dentistry procedure to help boost the impact of their smile, must first visit us at Forest Dental in Loughton for a friendly chat with one of our expert cosmetic dentistry specialist who will help you work out which treatment is most suited to your needs and form a treatment plan – should you choose to continue.

Teeth whitening

One of our most widely requested forms of cosmetic dentistry across the spectrum, is also one of our least invasive. This is cosmetic tooth whitening, which is a cosmetic procedure which aims to rid your teeth of any signs of age, greyness or yellowing or remove and marks or stains that you may have. There are a number of reasons as to why your teeth may become marked or stained – such as whether or not your smoke or drink highly staining drinks such as black tea or coffee. Discoloration and yellowness of your teeth can be a natural result of aging, and can also be brought about through poor oral hygiene, or from taking certain prescription medications. Whatever the reason may be, however, here at Forest Dental, our teeth whitening cosmetic experts can completely reverse all signs of deterioration and leave you with a gleaming, glistening new smile.

How does it work?

The process of getting a whiter smile from us here at Forest Dental initially starts with a custom mould being made of your teeth. From this mould, a retainer is created – which you are then given to take home. Into this retainer, over the following two weeks, patients then place a small quantity of a peroxide-based whitening gel. As the retainer has been custom made to fit perfectly around the patient teeth, as the gel begins to eradicate the stains – there will be no areas left yellowed in the more difficult to reach areas. After a short timeframe, the patient can enjoy a brighter and more impactful smile which is bound to make a lasting impression.

Are you looking for a dentist in Loughton?

Dental conditions can vary in severity. Some conditions are preventable through fairly small lifestyle changes, while some of them are a natural result of aging, or a heritable disease. Many developed countries have seen a surge of tooth cavity cases. This has been linked to bacteria feeding on sugars stuck to teeth, and producing acids as a side product of their metabolism, which dissolves the mineral content of the tooth. One of the most important ways of preventing dental conditions is the maintenance of oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene can lead to the build-up of these bacteria and the acids they produce, which leads to tooth decay that can potentially result in tooth cavities, if not treated in time. Our dentists at Forest Dental in Loughton offer several dental hygiene treatments to prevent gum disease.loughton-dentist

Gum health

The gums serve as a platform for the root of the teeth that holds them. The gums themselves are as important to be looked after as the teeth themselves. Gum disease can affect the whole surrounding area, and result in tooth loss. Observe the early symptoms of gum disease to take the measures necessary to successfully prevent further progression and complications. One of the earliest signs of gum disease is the redness and bleeding of your gums when brushing your teeth. The name of this condition is gingivitis, which refers to the inflammation of the tissue making up your gum. Inflammation is the response of your immune system to intruders, such as pathogenic microorganisms. By not allowing the overgrowth of the harmful bacteria in your mouth you can prevent and treat this condition.

What kind of treatments are available for gum health as preventative measures?

One of the treatments our dentist in Loughton offers is scaling, which involves the removal of any tartar, plaques or stains that are on your tooth near the gums. Another treatment available is called root planing. This is a slightly more invasive procedure, as it consists of the excision of necrotic substances from the tooth below the gum. The immune system responds to foreign materials in the body with inflammation. Inflammation is a condition where a tissue gets swollen, red and sometimes painful due to our natural defence mechanisms. This is due to the body attempting to get more blood to the point of infection to recruit more white blood cells which tackle intruders. Debris stuck under the teeth can trigger the immune system to treat it as an invader, resulting in inflammation. If this is not cleaned out, it can lead to the chronic inflammation of the gum. As some of the immune system’s white blood cells respond to invaders by inducing cell death in the affected cell, chronic inflammation of a tissue can result in permanent tissue damage, which leads to tooth loss. Damaged gums due to inflammation also increase the risk of a dental implant not being successfully introduced. Consult a dentist in Loughton to find out which treatment would be more ideal for you.

Forest Dental Loughton

Forest Dental prides itself on providing high quality dentistry, underpinned by outstanding service. Dr Sab Rana tells The Parliamentary Review about how she has developed a dental practice with this ethos – one which considers the baseline in dental standards to be just that – “a baseline”. Forest Dental has consistently received the highest Care Quality Commission ratings and patient feedback regularly cites the personal nature of the service provided. Dr Rana talks at greater length about how she has developed Forest Dental over the past 15 years.

I graduated as a dentist from Liverpool University in 1993 and became an associate in a multipartner practice in Hertfordshire. During my 11 years as an associate, I was mentored by three principals and was grateful to them for sharing their considerable experience with me. While there were many advantages to being part of a multisurgery dental practice, such as sharing experiences, knowledge, holiday cover and cost, I felt that the service provided was, at times, a little impersonal as a result of the volume of patients that were treated on a daily basis.

I acquired Forest Dental, based in Loughton, Essex, in 2004 and my vision from the outset was to develop a family practice that offered a more personalised service. Over the past 15 year, with considerable support from my husband Seb, I am proud to say that I have evolved Forest Dental into this vision. Forest Dental is a single-partner practice which offers a broad range of services using the latest techniques and technologies. In addition, our emphasis is always on the provision of long-term dental care rather than quick fixes, whether for general, preventative, restorative or cosmetic dentistry. A key factor our success has been the quality of the clinical staff that I have worked with over the years. I have been very selective in ensuring that I only recruit motivated and talented people. Forest Dental’s current nurse, Victoria May, provides a vital chairside role in the overall patient experience and, coming from a Harley Street practice, understands the need for clinical excellence.

“We feel that our level of personalised service differentiates us from the competition”

24-hour service

Approximately five years ago we decided to replace our receptionist with a virtual PA company. This change was implemented to enable us to provide a 24-hour service to patients. Our virtual PA company answers calls throughout the day and night and then forwards a consolidated list to me detailing which patients have called and providing me with a brief summary of the reason for their call. I personally return each and every one of these calls, which enables me to prioritise, discerning whether a same-day emergency appointment is needed or if the issue is more routine in nature. This approach seems to be appreciated by my patients and, quite often, only advice or reassurance over the phone is required rather than an actual appointment.

Living relatively close to Forest Dental, I am able to open the practice at weekends and evenings for emergencies as and when needed. I am keen to ensure that my patients are well cared for and not left in discomfort. In an area such as Loughton, which has many dental practices in a two-mile radius, we feel that this level of service differentiates us from the competition.

Limited hours, unlimited attention

As a mother of two, my working day has to fit in around my other priorities. Although the hours I offer are limited – we are open four days a week – the attention I provide to my patients is unlimited. Through the 24-hour call monitoring, swift personal call-backs to patients and opening for emergency appointments, we have all bases covered.

We are proud to have received the highest possible scores from our periodic reviews by the CQC and continually strive to retain this level of rating. We provide a responsive and tailored service to our patients, including regular visits to the laboratories that we use for patient work to discuss with the technicians the specifics of each individual case. Forest Dental uses local laboratories as far as possible for patient work as we are committed to supporting local businesses.


“Although the hours I offer are limited, the attention I provide to my patients is unlimited”

Preventative and holistic

We have never, and will never, use amalgam fillings containing mercury, and we are now proud to offer BPA-free white fillings. We appreciate it is important to be able to offer alternative options for our discerning patients, and to explain the benefits and disadvantages associated with each option.

We have also invested in cutting-edge technology such as the Healozone machine, which allows tooth decay to be treated without having to drill the tooth, effectively “fillings without drilling”. While not suitable for every cavity, it has allowed us to expand our treatment and we are one of the only practices in Essex offering this service. In addition, our investment in a Diagnodent laser machine helps us to identify tooth decay in patients at an early stage so that we can provide preventative treatment. These technologies, as well as fibre-optic lighting in high-speed drills, intraoral cameras and advanced digital X-ray technology, enable us to offer our patients the latest technologies in their dental care.

Composite bonding

We are keen to provide minimally invasive dentistry and strive to improve a patients smile with a “mini-makeover” approach, using the latest composite bonding techniques. We have found these mini-makeovers to be very popular due to the fact that they are cost effective and do not destroy valuable tooth enamel.

A green future

I enjoy being a single partner practice, and I find it liberating to be able to make decisions on practice vision and ethos without broader consultation. I continually review our environmental impacts and continually look at ways of reducing Forest Dental’s consumption of single use plastics items.

I am passionate about providing high quality dentistry underpinned by all round service excellence. This is key to earning trust, building strong patient relationships and making a visit to the dentist something to look forward to.


» Principal Dentist: Dr Sab Rana
» Practice acquired in November 2004
» Location: Loughton, Essex
» Services: Dentistry
» No. of employees: 2

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Bring out your best smile with Forest Dental in Loughton

Time sees a change in demand

forest-dental-loughtonHere at Forest Dental in Loughton, we’ve noticed a distinct change in the perceptions around dentistry and how it is received. Being a longstanding staple in the Loughton community over time we have seen it grow and develop as all manner of trends came and went. In recent years though, we’ve noticed one trend which we embrace wholeheartedly. This is the increase in the amount of people seeking out and actively engaging with dentistry across all procedures. Historically, we have found that the hardest part of any procedure would be getting patients to actually go ahead with it. Today however, a record number of patients – both young and old – are flocking to our practice, seeking out treatments to maximise the aesthetics of their smiles and boost their overall oral health.

Prevention is the best course of treatment

It is our philosophy here at Forest Dental in Loughton that the best course of any dental treatment is to avoid the need for any treatment at all. This is done through an increased focus on preventive dentistry and education around good oral habits – particularly with our younger patients. However, if any dental work is required, our expert team of dental practitioners and specialists are on hand to meet and surpass any expectations. Through the use of some of the most cutting-edge dental machinery and practices, we aim to combat any dental issues which patients may present to us and provide them with the smiles they deserve.

Cleaning the cushions

One of the most popular forms of preventive dentistry we provide here at Forest Dental in Loughton is the identification of early signs of onset gum disease or periodontal disease. Our gums are arguably the most important part of our mouths as they act as a seal or cushion to our teeth and protect and preserve the integrity and strength of our teeth. Periodontal disease (or gum disease) is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults, and is generally avoidable if the patient boosts their oral health and it is identified early. Telltale signs of gingivitis, which is the precursor to periodontal disease, is often first recognised if you are spitting blood constantly when brushing. If this is noticed, we recommend a visit to one of our experienced dental hygienists, to thoroughly examine your gum health.

Polishing up on things

Gingivitis, and, in turn, periodontal disease are both caused by untreated build-ups of plaque or tartar between and around your teeth. If build-ups are recognised by our dental hygienists they may suggest you have a ‘scale and polish’ service. This preventive dentistry procedure removes any build-up of plaque or tartar, as well as removing any superficial stains or discolouration to your teeth. Whilst similar treatments such as cosmetic tooth whitening may be a purely aesthetic solution, a scale and polish service aims to maximise your oral health and minimise the risk of gingivitis or any other dental issue developing. A scale and polish service is one of the most effective ways of restoring your natural oral health, as well as leaving your teeth whiter and brighter than before.