When you need a dentist In Loughton, you need Forest Dental!

Visiting the dentist in Loughton might not be on your bucket list of things to do, but it is an essential part of keeping your mouth healthy and happy. At Forest Dental, we specialise in preventive dentistry and we have received the Quality Care Commission’s seal of approval by being awarded the highest rating for the care we provide to all of our patients. Our aim is to provide a friendly and professional service that helps you to keep your teeth and gums healthy. If you have any problems, we also aim to treat these by keeping pain to an absolute minimum. We use the latest technology, including our Healozone machine to treat decay without drilling and the Diagnodent machine to diagnose decay as soon as possible, keeping problems to a minimum. Alongside this, we also offer cosmetic treatments, which are very popular with our patients, as they give them the confidence they need to smile freely.

Teeth whitening

If you come to see our dentist in Loughton, you may be interested in teeth whitening. We use Zoom, which is perfect for anybody who is self-conscious about the appearance of the colour of their teeth.

How to get started

Before you get started on any treatment, we offer a free consultation, where you can discuss your concerns about your smile. This will give us a chance to examine your teeth and to get an understanding of what you want to achieve. We will then be able to recommend the best course of treatment for your specific needs. With Zoom whitening, we can then explain how this works and you can ask as many questions as you need to ensure that you are happy with the treatment plan.

What is Zoom?

Your dentist in Loughton will be able to explain fully, but in a nutshell Zoom is an at-home or in-practice treatment that requires you to have a custom-made tray for your teeth. Once this has been made bespoke for you, you will be provided with the Zoom bleaching agent to put in your tray. You then need to wear the tray overnight or for two sessions a day as directed by us. Normally, after a couple of weeks, you will then be able to come back to the practice and have a 90-minute laser whitening session to finish everything off. Results typically yield teeth that are 9 shades whiter, although this can vary depending on the shade your teeth were before treatment.

What else do I need to know?

There are different types of staining. Surface staining can be caused by smoking, caffeine, red wine, curries or medicines, for example. Internal staining may be caused by an accident or nerve endings being removed. At our practice, we will be able to discuss the causes of the staining you have and how effective treatment will be for your teeth.

So, if you are keen to find out more about how you can get a lighter and brighter smile, why not come and see us to find out why there is a reason to get excited about going to the dentist?!

Forest Dental Loughton practising caring dentistry

Are you apprehensive about going to the dentist?

Do you avoid committing to your regular six monthly check-ups, because you are afraid of what they may find? At Forest Dental Loughton we have learned over our decades of practising that many patients suffer from the same phobias. Just as your medical doctor develops an understanding which defines his ‘bedside’ manner, so it is for dentists and their ‘chairside’ manner. We practise what we call gentle family dentistry, where we put our patients first and because we have two ears and one mouth, we listen more than we talk. This allows us to develop a relationship with our patients and having welcomed many patients since 2004 we can see that our patients are happy with our particular calm approach.

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy

We at Forest Dental Loughton believe that preventive dentistry is the key to keeping your teeth and gums healthy for the duration of your life. If we do find a problem we aim to fix it correctly ensuring that it does not reoccur, so that you do not end up in a never-ending cycle of requiring ongoing dental treatment. It seems strange that we will take our car for its regular service, but when it comes to maintenance of our teeth and gums, in many cases we are less motivated. Regular brushing and flossing, together with six monthly check-ups and regular hygienist cleaning, are all part of our preventive dentistry programme.

Give your children a wonderful gift

What better gift can you give to your children than health and part of that gift must be dental health. We encourage our patients to bring their children in from the age of six months old. You can start to bring them in when you attend your appointments, our well-trained staff will look after them while you receive your treatment. It is important that from an early age they experience the environment of the dental surgery with its smells, sights and sounds. They will get used to people in white coats wearing masks and the telephones ringing and people moving around as they go about their daily routines. As they grow up and start to have their own examinations they will be stress free and not feel apprehensive about their dental visits. By starting early we are also able to educate them on the correct way to brush and floss their teeth, and we can guide them on the most suitable equipment for their cleaning. Any problems that may be manifesting as they are growing will be identified by us and treated early to avoid any problems in later life. All of this will help them to enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. We are now seeing the second generation of families who started to visit us almost two decades ago.

You are part of our family

Forest Dental Loughton prides itself on caring for patients by treating them with respect and in the same way that we would like to be treated. Our service is geared around making your experience the very best that it can be. We attend regular training and seminars as equipment and techniques improve, so that we can provide you with the best treatment available at any particular time.

Considering your options and selecting our dentist in Loughton

The location

When first deciding upon which dental practice to visit, whether for yourself, your family or all involved, the location can play a huge part in it. After all, the last thing any of us wants to do is travel hours away in order to have our oral health check carried out. The location of the practice along with parking facilities therefore becomes one of the leading reasons to choose a dental practice.

But although this is of course all very important, what other aspects should you be considering?

The quality

Particularly with all the extra health and safety measures that have been implemented over the past couple of years, it is important to know that your dental practice has you covered. At Forest Dental we have consistently been awarded with the highest rating from the Care Quality Commission ensuring that it is not just our word for you to go on, but official standards which are being continuously proven. Whenever attending an appointment whether medical or cosmetic with our dentist in Loughton it is important to know that the quality of care in terms of knowledge, friendliness and of course hygiene are met, which is why we put a lot of emphasis on all aspects of our care.

Focussing on the longer term dental care

Whilst for some patients a quick fix solution may be the preferred choice of treatment, when it comes to our patients we are always focussed on the long-term plan. Although you may dislike your dental visits and wish to attend the minimum number of appointments possible, our dentist in Loughton wants to see you on a yearly basis at least, so as to help maintain or improve your healthy smile as often as possible. Once or twice a year to keep your smile in check is what we hope to achieve at the very least with every patient we have. With this in mind we therefore constantly look for ways to encourage our patients to come for regular check-ups alongside other essential checks, such as mouth cancer screenings or hygiene appointments.

Our focus is your dental care, encompassing the past, the present and into the future. We are in for the long term and hope as a team we can achieve your desired smile.

A friendly approach

Nervousness within patients is more common than some may think, and whilst there are patients who can push this anxiety aside, for others it can be crippling and affect their oral care. For those who are nervous around the dental practice it is important to inform the dental team from the receptionist through to the dentist in Loughton so that they can assist in whatever way possible. It may be through certain music playing whilst you are in the chair or an appointment at a specific time. No matter what the request, help us to work with you so as to provide you with the dental care you need. All our patients are important to us and working together for the benefit of your oral health is our aim both in the short and long term.

Whitening and brightening your smile at Forest Dental

When patients have spent years consuming caffeinated drinks, coloured beverages such as red wine or taking certain medications that stain the teeth, it may be that their smile has been tainted with the stains of these choices. Whilst for some this cosmetic impact may not be something they are concerned about, for others, the stained smile can cause a variety of discomforts. This is where the option to whiten your teeth may become appealing.

Whilst teeth whitening, like all dental treatments and procedures, is not a one size fits all method, there are a variety of possibilities which can be discussed with you by our knowledgeable dental team at Forest Dental Loughton.

Choosing over-the-counter whitening products to save the pennies


As with all treatments and procedures there are a variety of options readily available to be carried out at home. Whilst over-the-counter or internet solutions are not something that is strongly recommended, they are often the cheaper options. This is always an appealing aspect to anything we look at purchasing, but by attending Forest Dental Loughton for your teeth whitening process you are not only ensuring that the necessary safety checks of the product have been carried out, but you are also ensuring that the materials used are specific to your individual case. Having white teeth is a very generic and broad term, whereas brightening up the smile with teeth whitening products is not quite that simple. After all, very few people intentionally seek a smile that is so white it appears completely fake. By working with your dental team at Forest Dental Loughton we are able to brighten your smile whilst ensuring the process leaves a natural appearance to it rather than a synthetic one.

Overnight treatments

Although we strongly recommend using tooth whitening treatments provided by your dental team, this does not mean that you have to spend large amounts of time at the dental practice. One type of tooth whitening treatment is an at-home kit. These rely heavily on the patient’s commitment to the process, as the patient is provided with a special paste that is to be inserted into a retainer type tray and worn overnight. This particular treatment often suits patients who are too busy or potentially nervous when it comes to their dental visits. Whilst check-ups are needed to ensure that the process is working efficiently, the length of time within the Forest Dental Loughton surgery is greatly reduced.

A Zoom treatment

For patients who are seeking a quick fix to their discoloured smile, it may be that they pop into the dental practice for an intensive 90 minute treatment known as ‘Zoom’. Whilst this procedure does not suit every patient, the results are immediate and therefore patients that are seeking a brighter smile for a special event may be more swayed towards the more concentrated procedure.

No matter how discoloured your smile may appear to yourself, discuss your options with your dental team to ensure that you are understanding each treatment and choosing the most suitable one for yourself. Your comfort is one of our aims and therefore choosing the treatment to suit your needs is essential.

The importance of visiting the dentist in Loughton

As adults, we all know that teeth need to be taken care of, as once we lose them, they cannot be replaced by allowing them to grow back. The need to keep our teeth clean is something we are all aware of, for this reason, we all grow up knowing we must brush and floss our teeth every day if we want to enjoy good oral health and hygiene.


We recognise this so strongly that we pass this idea down to our children, in the hope they will grow up and have strong, healthy teeth and gums. We also hope that as we have taught them, they will teach their own children the importance of good oral hygiene too.

We also all recognise the need to visit the dentist in Loughton to attend regular check-ups and receive any treatment we may require. However many of us choose to ignore the recommendations of the dentist and put our check-ups off by a month or two, believing everything will be alright. But parents continue to tell their children to clean their teeth twice a day and go for their regular check-ups, is it not time for adults to heed our own advice?

Making a professional ally in the fight for good oral health

The staff at our dentist in Loughton know how they want to be regarded by their patients in the area, they want to be seen as reliable allies in the front line battle for good oral health and hygiene. Our team of professionally trained staff are all patient-focussed and we know that patients’ oral health and hygiene is important to them, making it important to our team.

We encourage all our patients to attend our practice frequently for their oral check-ups, as this will allow our team to examine their teeth, gums, and mouth, allowing us to monitor their oral hygiene progress and provide early intervention treatment if required to prevent serious issues developing.

One other key reason patients should stick to regular check-ups is the fact they provide the perfect time for a conversation about any concerns between the patient and dental professional, this can be helpful when used to inform the development of a treatment plan and allows our dentist to hand out helpful advice. If they feel the need to refer you to other professionals, then the check-up time is the correct place to have a conversation around their roles in your treatment.

Remember – prevention is always better than the cure

The main reason for keeping to your regular check-ups is that it will help to prevent the occurrence of issues developing, as we can provide early intervention treatment and advice you may require. This will help to stave off the need for any invasive dental treatment and  help you to maintain high standards within your oral hygiene and health.

Make your check-up appointment and keep to it

The longest check-up time at our dentist in Loughton is thirty minutes. Surely this is time well spent, as it helps to maintain your oral health and hygiene. Look at it another way, if you need two check-ups a year that is one hour a year to maintain your teeth versus losing them completely for the rest of your life.

We are a family-friendly, sympathetic dental practice in Loughton, Essex, with a team dedicated to offering the very best oral health care.

Forest Dental keeping the community healthy

At Forest Dental Loughton we believe in helping the community to become healthier by encouraging proper dental hygiene. We believe that we are contributing to the overall well being of the community that we serve. Our team of dedicated staff provide patient care that can detect possible future health concerns early, that otherwise might only be diagnosed much later in other practices. Tooth decay and gum disease have been linked to more serious illnesses. Bacteria from the mouth can lead to infection of the heart lining or cardiovascular disease and the resistance to infection caused by oral bacteria can increase the probability of becoming diabetic. In women who are pregnant the increase in oral bacteria during pregnancy can also cause a number of other complications.

Providing care and treatment for the whole family

Forest Dental Loughton provides a full range of treatment for the entire family. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to the dental surgery from an early age to acclimatise them and make the surgery a secure and pleasant place to visit. A welcoming and caring team approach helps our patients to confide in us and trust us with their dental concerns. From reception to dentist our philosophy and approach is the same – that you are our focus. Children we treat now are the future adult patients of our dental practice and a reputation for care and attention to detail is what makes a dental practice successful.

Preventive dentistry

Proper routine dental hygiene and six monthly visits to the dentist are a part of the overall regime required to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. By starting to visit a dentist at a young age correct advice on brushing and flossing will become routine.

Latest technology and training

The latest dental equipment allows Forest Dental Loughton to offer exceptional diagnostic and treatment results. The use of a laser detector pen allows for the detection of tooth decay that can be accurately pinpointed effortlessly. In addition we use equipment that uses oxygen converted into ozone to safely and effectively remove harmful bacteria. Detecting the problem early allows treatment to occur before it is necessary to drill and remove the decay and then to fill the cavity created. Dental technological advances are rapidly changing dentistry and staff training on the latest equipment and techniques is ongoing. This allows for the provision of long-term, permanent dental care rather than temporary fixes.

Solving patients’ dental issues

As a dentist the primary goal is to provide patients with first class service and excellent dental care. The result of doing this well will build a good reputation leading to a successful dental practice and happy patients.

Reviews bring patients

Technology today exposes us all to the world especially on social media and positive reviews mean that patients are satisfied. It is an immediate measure of how well a dental practice is doing. It is vitally important that dentists pay attention to the concerns of their patients and seek to address those concerns quickly and efficiently. A dental practitioner now not only has to be good at providing top class dental care, but customer service to match. This is the ultimate goal of our practice each and every time a patient comes through our doors.

Expectations to have when visiting your Dentist in Loughton

New patients

Supporting and encouraging patients is a service we offer to all our patients whether 6 months old or 100 plus years old. When visiting the dental practice, no matter the age, our friendly and knowledgeable dental team will be working with you to ensure you receive the best.

For those who have recently joined our practice and may be visiting for the first time, upon arrival a medical form will be provided. The completion of this form enables your dental team to understand the basics of your previous treatments and procedures before discussing them in more detail during your first appointment. Understanding your dental history, discussing your current concerns and finding out your overall aims will ensure that we all set off on the same page. It may be that you are unhappy with the positioning of your teeth, or need to restore a tooth, or it may be you just need a general check up appointment to ensure that everything is as it should be. No matter what the reason for your visit, by understanding your dental past, present and future we can ensure that we support your dental journey in whichever way needed to gain your desired end result.

Once the discussion ends, providing the patient feels comfortable, a thorough dental examination will take place along with any x-rays and photographs which may be deemed necessary. On top of this, the Diagnodent machine may be used which enables the Dentist in Loughton to spot early signs of tooth decay. This may sound like a long and heavy process to go through for the first appointment but it is of high importance that we begin working from the same place and understand our starting point.

Following on from the examination, your Dentist in Loughton will discuss her findings with you and present a series of treatments and procedures available to you should they be needed. This does not mean that you need to decide there and then as to how to proceed, but by giving you a variety of options it will enable you to research and ask as many questions as needed before deciding on how to proceed. At all times the dental team will be there to help and advise, but the end decision to undergo any treatment or procedure is always down to you the patient. Your oral health requires teamwork from both yourself and your dental team which is why your comfort is paramount throughout every single visit.

Regular dental check-ups

Once the initial appointment has taken place, should no treatment or procedures be required or wanted, the practice will encourage you to attend regular dental check-ups. These appointments can range in time and whilst for some patients every 6 months may be encouraged, others may only need to attend on a yearly basis. Your dental team will discuss what time frames would suit your individual needs. During each check up, the overall health of the teeth, mouth and gums will be assessed and where necessary your Dentist in Loughton will discuss more efficient ways to carry out your oral hygiene process at home. Please note, all dental treatments and procedures, whether cosmetic or medically needed, carry potential risks. All patients are therefore encouraged to discuss any mentioned within this article with their local dental team.

Welcome to forest Dental a innovative single partner practice

As a key pillar of the local community, Forest Dental in Loughton is a caring Family Practice. It has won awards for care and standard of treatment whilst being highly flexible and progressive but how do we do it?


Many factors have contributed to our success. One of the things that has kept us apart (literally and metaphorically) from other dental surgeries has been being a single partner practice. This may fly under the radar of most of our patients who find our clinic professional and well organized, yet extremely observant of care needs. Not only does it seem improbable that all of this could be orchestrated and maintained by a single practitioner, but the action of operating as a single practitioner allows Forest Dental in Loughton to take on the complex roles that it does.

With only one key individual responsible for the management of providing care and all aspects of recruitment, procurement  and regulatory compliance, there is a great deal of agility to Forest Dental that you simply would not be able to find in a multi-practitioner clinic, and is completely absent from large corporate dental chains.

Simply, Forest Dental has escaped the trap of decision by committee simply by having no committee. This has allowed decisions to be made faster and more effectively than many organisations could achieve. A good example of this is Forest Dental recent commitment to reducing its use of plastics and avoiding single use plastics as much as possible in its supply chain; this is a rarity in medicine and even more so in dentistry but the commitment to do so is heavily based on the passion of Dr Sab Rana Principal, an only dentist who has driven the clinic to the point of receiving parliamentary level accreditation for its excellence.

And although much of this operates behind-the-scenes and is therefore unobserved by my Forest dental abundant patients, it is a business model that is well worth highlighting and receiving a little credit for and the resulting experience and excellent level of care our patients receive.

Flexibility in care

This flexibility is what has allowed us to operate so consistently throughout the recent lockdown as the implementation of any changes could be carried out immediately in our clinic. Due to the high emphasis in dentistry on hygiene, there were little modifications that had to be made to spacing out our appointments. We are very grateful for our regular patients who we have managed to serve with a minimal of delays.

This flexibility also extends to patients who may suffer from an aversion in dentistry, allowing us to amend treatment schedules in order to make any necessary procedures as pleasant and tolerable as possible. This includes providing booking appointments at precise time allowing you to minimise the amount of time you spend with ys, making the waiting process less strenuous.

If you have any further questions on how Forest Dental in Loughton can meet your dental needs, or are interested in registering as a new patient, please feel free to get in contact with us via our website or call the surgery.

The importance of preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry is the field of dentistry that is involved in looking after teeth to keep them healthy and preventing the development of dental issues and diseases later on in life. Maintaining good dental hygiene and good oral health is essential for overall well-being. A good daily hygiene routine is vital to avoid issues such as cavities, gingivitis, enamel loss, periodontitis and ultimately in preventing tooth loss. Visiting your dentist in Loughton at least twice a year with follow-up appointments at your hygienist is vital in ensuring that your home cleaning techniques are effective and sufficient as well as avoiding dental issues. In the unfortunate event of dental problems, regular visits with your dentist in Loughton will ensure that these problems are detected early on to allow easy, successful treatment and to prevent damage to surrounding teeth and gums.


Visiting your hygienist

An appointment with your hygienist at your dentist in Loughton provides professional cleaning of your teeth which may not always be possible at home despite excellent brushing and flossing techniques. There are always hard to reach areas in our mouth where bacteria can build up and result in the formation of plaque and tartar. Plaque and tartar build-up in the mouth is the cause of many dental issues, namely gingivitis, an infection and inflammation of the gums which if left untreated results in periodontal disease, which is a severe infection of the gums and can result in tooth loss. Regular appointments with the hygienist at the dentist in Loughton is an important form of preventive dentistry as the hygienist carries out a full examination of your teeth and gums to check for any issues which may sometimes be asymptomatic. The appointment also includes a professional clean which involves scaling and polishing of your teeth which ensures that your teeth are clean and healthy and if issues do present themselves then they are easier to treat.

Restorative therapy at the dentist

Despite good oral hygiene techniques and regular visits with your dentist and hygienist, dental issues can occur over the course of life. Restorative dentistry is the field of dentistry that is involved in replacing teeth that may have been lost as a result of tooth decay or other such diseases. Restorative dentistry includes endodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics. Endodontics is involved with root canal treatment, treating the soft pulp tissue inside of the tooth which can become infected as a result of plaque and tartar build-up around the gumline of the teeth.

Periodontics is concerned with the supporting structures of the teeth such as the gums and the alveolar bone of the jaw as well as the diseases and conditions which affect these structures.

Prosthodontics is the field of dental dentistry which is involved in the development and implementation of prosthetics in the replacement of natural teeth, such as implants, crowns and dentures.

Whatever your symptoms may be, whether you are experiencing a toothache, sensitivity, bleeding gums, or even if you have unfortunately experienced tooth loss, speak to us at Forest Dental today about what treatment options we have available for you and let us find out how we can help put a smile back on your face.

What is the root canal therapy treatment?

At Forest Dental Loughton we provide many dental treatments and cosmetic procedures which are an available option for most patients. One of our most popular endodontic treatments is the root canal therapy treatment. This treatment is designed to treat the infected pulp that has developed in the mouth area. The pulp of the tooth can get infected due to tooth decay or any injury to the mouth. This damage can spread towards the area of the root canal causing great difficulty and discomfort in the area. It is important to get a root canal treatment done before other extreme measures are needed to be taken- such as removing the tooth. If you are worried about this dental issue do not hesitate to book an appointment with Forest Dental in Loughton.


What happens in root canal therapy treatment?

There are many steps when undergoing a root canal therapy treatment this is to ensure that safety precautions are being taken. In the initial phase a local anesthetic is used. This is done to make sure that a patient does not feel any discomfort or less pain during the treatment. The next step consists of the dental professional will prepare the tooth with a drill. This is so that the professional will have easy access to the root canal area. The area of the root canal will be cleaned and the dental professional will ensure that there is no residue of infection or a pulp. The treated area is then filled with a filling which will then be enclosed for a period of time. A patient will then have to go to a follow up appointment where their tooth will be checked. In this later appointment the dental professional will check if the infection has cleared up which will allow them to then permanently fill the area. This treatment is time consuming, however it saves the risk of the full permanent removal of a tooth.

What are the benefits of root canal therapy treatment?

There are various life benefits when proceeding with a root canal treatment. A major dental benefit that comes from this treatment is that it stops further infections developing to neighbouring teeth. Usual toothaches that occur are usually a result of an infection that is on the tooth cavity. This endodontic treatment ensures the removal of bacteria that develops the infection. After the infection is treated the remainder of the tooth will be cleaned free of bacteria. This should help stop the deterioration of the tooth and toothache. Once the tooth is treated there is a less likely chance of bacteria spreading to the neighbouring teeth. This comes as a benefit as root canal therapy acts as a protection against other additional infections.

Another benefit of root canal therapy is that it improves an individual’s oral hygiene and health. Tooth decay can have a heavy impact on an individual’s oral health. The discomfort caused by the infection can discourage a patient to keep up with their oral hygiene.This is an issue as those with bad oral health are at risk of having health complications. These health complications can range from most commonly heart disease and diabetes and many more other health conditions. By getting this treated at Forest Dental in Loughton we can help improve your oral health!