All you need to know about mouth cancer screening in Loughton

Oral cancer is a condition that can affect the lips, tongue, cheeks, sinuses, and throat. While oral cancers can be life-threatening, early detection and early treatment can help minimise the risk. A regular mouth cancer screening by your dentist, every six months, is the best way to detect cancer during its earliest stages. Mouth cancer screening tests are quick, painless, and can be performed during regular dental check-ups and cleanings.

Mouth Cancer Screening in LoughtonAt Forest Dental in Loughton, we believe that prevention is better than cure and for this reason, we urge our patients to visit the dental practice at least twice a year for regular cleanings, examinations and mouth cancer screenings.

Mouth cancer risk is affected by many factors in your life. Men are more susceptible to mouth cancer than women. Other patients at risk of mouth cancer include people over the age of 60, smokers and heavy drinkers. However, mouth cancer can also develop in individuals who don’t smoke or drink heavily. For this reason, it is really important to receive a mouth cancer screening in Loughton at least once a year.

What is involved?

The mouth cancer screening is a simple and painless process. Your dentist will examine your mouth and throat and look for abnormalities such as red patches, ulcers, sores, unusual bumps or lumps. During this process, they will touch and inspect the lymph nodes in your neck and jaw, examine the inside and outside of your lips, your cheeks and floor of mouth as well as your jaw joint and the area around your ears. We also have specialised tools to look below the surface for abnormal signs and lesions that would be invisible to the naked eye.

If we find that your symptoms may be related to mouth cancer, we will implement a thorough treatment plan. We may also need to perform a biopsy in order to identify the precise stage and grade of the oral lesion. Treatment methods vary according to the precise diagnosis, but may include radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about oral cancer, please contact our friendly team at Forest Dental.

Is vanity such a bad thing?

Throughout history people have been very concerned with how they look. For thousands of years, we have been dreaming up ways to improve our skin, hair, faces, and our smiles. Now it seems that we are at one of those peaks in all sorts of technologies to improve looks, and that includes an explosion in the numbers of people getting their teeth straightened, and the number of ways in which it can be done.

Orthodontics in LoughtonAlthough not many people in our modern times have naturally straight teeth, they are meant to be straight, and when they are, our teeth are much healthier. They are less prone to decay and gum disease because there are fewer nooks and crannies for bacterial plaque to hide away in. This means that with straight teeth, we have more of a chance of hanging on to our natural chewing equipment until far into old age, maybe even until we die.

Good looks and good health

So, wanting straight teeth is not just about wanting to look good, it is also about optimum oral health. Along with that comes better emotional health because straighter teeth mean less self-consciousness about smiling. When we smile spontaneously, we release the natural feel-good chemical serotonin, and then we feel happier, smile more, and our path through life can become smoother.

That’s why at Forest Dental in Loughton, we see orthodontics, the branch of dentistry concerned with aligning the teeth and jaws, as a vital part of our work.

Many of our adult patients have issues only with the front six social teeth. These are the teeth that are on display when we talk and smile. If they are wonky, they can stop us being as expressive as we’d like. However, adults don’t necessarily want to go through orthodontic treatment with braces that dominate the mouth. This is where braces from CFast come in. It’s called CFast labial.

CFast labial can produce result in as little as eight weeks, with an average time of five months. It uses discreet clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires to do the job. This is a great system for simple corrections to the front six social teeth and gives more predictable results than clear aligner systems.

The gateway to your insides

Your mouth is one of the gateways to your insides. From inside your mouth, things can travel down into your gut and into your internal organs. Things can also travel down another route into your lungs and from there into your bloodstream, and from there to all over your body, even into your brain. And, actually, you don’t even have to swallow or inhale for particles to get into your bloodstream. If you hold a liquid under your tongue, the dissolved ingredients within in can pass through the membranes of your mouth straight into your bloodstream.

Oral Health in LoughtonSo, imagine what havoc infectious germs can wreak across your entire body if you don’t pay careful daily attention to keeping your mouth clean and healthy. Here at Forest Dental, we believe that in Loughton, oral health can make a huge difference to people’s general health, and vice versa.

The relationship between your teeth and your body

If you don’t take care of your mouth, germs could get into your bloodstream and infect the inner lining of your heart, attaching themselves to damaged areas. There is also evidence linking the clogging of arteries and stroke to the inflammation and infections that oral bacteria can cause.

Conversely, if you are diabetic, this lowers your resistance to infection and will show up in your mouth as inflamed gums that bleed when you brush your teeth. Other diseases that can affect your oral health include osteoporosis, which can damage bones and teeth; rheumatoid arthritis, head and neck cancers, and Sjorgen’s syndrome, an immune disorder which causes a dry mouth.

Knowing all this, can you now see why we are so keen at Forest Dental for you to come to us every 6 months for a check-up? Check-ups are where we can see if you have good oral health. Dodgy oral health can show up as infections caused by tooth decay or the build up of plaque. It might be early mouth cancer tumours, odd stuff going on with your tongue that is indicative of something more serious. A lot of the symptoms of poor oral health, if spotted early on, can be easily treated, but if left to develop can lead to serious problems. Come and see us, and keep your gateway healthy.

Enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry in Loughton

Have you ever felt self-conscious about your smile? Do you always smile with your mouth closed, or cover your mouth when you are talking? Smiling is one of the most important ways of communicating non-verbally with each other, and being unable to smile can have an impact on your self-esteem and general wellbeing.

Luckily, cosmetic dentistry in Loughton can help you achieve great oral health and the smile you always wanted. At Forest Dental, you can choose from a variety of treatments to enhance your smile, including white fillings, and porcelain veneers as well as teeth whitening. Our experienced dentists are dedicated to helping you fix your dental problems easily, effectively and with as little pain as possible.

Cosmetic Dentistry in LoughtonWhite fillings

Providing a more natural alternative to traditional metal fillings, white or tooth-coloured fillings are long lasting and available in a range of shades that can be matched to the natural colour of your teeth. These restorations are usually made of composite resin and are bonded to the damaged area of a tooth.

White fillings are completed in one dental appointment. Firstly, we numb the area so that the treatment is comfortable and painless. We will then remove the portion of your tooth that has been damaged and replace the missing part with a white filling that will stay securely in place once hardened with the aid of a bright blue light.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin, porcelain shells that cover the front surface your teeth to make them look better. Whether you have cracked, chipped, worn, spaced or crowded teeth, porcelain veneers are very versatile because they offer a convenient all-in-one solution that can solve most of your dental problems at once. Because porcelain used in dental veneers imitates the translucent look of your natural teeth, you can expect a more natural smile.

Teeth whitening

At Forest Dental, we are delighted to offer teeth whitening to patients who wish to brighten their teeth by several shades. You can choose between home whitening with custom-made, bleaching trays or Zoom laser whitening to have your teeth whitened up to nine shades in less than an hour at the dentist’s chair.

General dentistry in Loughton

Preventive care is the best thing you can do for your dental health and this includes visiting the dentist every six months or so for regular check-ups. Whether or not you are a first time patient at Forest Dental in Loughton, we will typically schedule an appointment, depending on your dental needs. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, we will strive to see you as soon as possible.

During your visit, your experienced dentists will examine your teeth thoroughly and look for signs of gum disease or decay. We also offer screenings for oral cancer prevention. Once your dentist will evaluate your teeth and gums, they will talk to you about your dental needs and suggest treatments that could enhance your oral health. You are advised to clean your teeth professionally every few months in order to ensure that plaque and bacteria do not stick on your teeth. From start to finish, we value our patients’ needs and offer a range of general dentistry treatments to cover your individual needs.

General Dentistry in LoughtonRoot canal therapy

Root canal therapy is necessary when the nerve of a tooth is affected by decay or other infection. In order to save the tooth and avoid replacing it, your dentist will remove the living tissue from inside along with all the bacteria and decay. Once removed, the space will be filled with a composite material, which will restore the tooth to its proper function. Root canal therapy is not painful and is a necessary treatment for saving a tooth that otherwise would die.

Dental care for pregnant women

Preventive dental cleanings and frequent dental check-ups during pregnancy are entirely safe and recommended. This is because the rise in hormone levels during pregnancy causes the gums to swell and bleed leading to gum disease. If left untreated, it may affect the embryo through the bloodstream. We offer specialised dental treatment for pregnant women who want to keep their teeth and gums healthy throughout their pregnancy.

Emergency dental care

If you are experiencing a dental emergency and you would like to be seen by one of our dentists immediately, please call our practice and we will do our best to arrange a same day appointment for you.

Replace your missing teeth with cosmetic dentures in Loughton

According to recent studies, the average adult between the ages of 20 and 64 has three or more decayed or missing teeth. If you have lost one, several or all of your teeth due to decay, gum disease, trauma, injury or old age, there are plenty of medical reasons to seek treatment. For one thing, large gaps between your teeth may affect your ability to speak or eat. More importantly, remaining teeth can shift and become loose, even resulting in bone loss.

Luckily, with modern advances in dentistry, you do not have to suffer from missing teeth. At Forest Dental in Loughton, we offer flexible cosmetic dentures, for patients who are looking for a more comfortable and attractive alternative to traditional acrylic dentures. Flexible dentures are more lightweight and barely unnoticeable when fitted. At our dental practice, we offer both Duraflex and Valplast flexible dentures for patients who want to enjoy the benefits of removable dentures without the hassle.

Missing Teeth in LoughtonAesthetically pleasing dentures

The materials of our dentures are nearly transparent and blend in with the natural gum tissue, making them virtually invisible. These are ideal for patients who want to replace their missing teeth but are put off by the idea of dental implants or bridges. They are also a viable temporary option for patients who have lost one tooth and are waiting for their dental implant operation. Essentially, flexible removable dentures feel a lot like removable bridges, therefore, do not impede your speech or chewing ability.

More importantly, flexible dentures are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and resilient. We offer a lifetime guarantee against fracture under normal use. Unlike conventional dentures, they are metal-free and do not interfere with your natural teeth. As they are significantly smaller and smoother they are not painful and feel more comfortable inside your mouth.

Patients who opt for flexible dentures do not need to worry about their dentures feeling loose or falling down while they are speaking or laughing. Our innovative flexible dentures are custom-made for each patient and can be ready in as little as three weeks. More importantly, they do not require any complex adjustments once they have been fixed into your teeth and gums.

Children’s dentistry in Loughton

Children’s preventive dentistry emphasises the importance of good oral hygiene and regular dental visits to prevent common dental issues such as tooth decay and gum disease. Effective preventive dentistry combines educating your children on the benefits of good oral hygiene practices with chair side treatments and advice by dental professionals.

At Forest Dental in Loughton, we believe that prevention is the best cure, therefore we urge our patients to bring their children to the dentist early. Ideally, book an appointment with one of our caring dentists as soon as your child’s first tooth erupts, or no later than 12 months of age. This way, we can establish a thorough oral health prevention programme for your child.

Children’s Dentistry in LoughtonTooth decay prevention

Tooth decay, a common disease among children, is often caused by the interaction of oral bacteria and a diet high in sugars. When broken down by bacteria, sugar produces acids which erode cavities in the teeth. In some cases, cavities on your children’s milk teeth can hinder the normal development of their permanent teeth.

After gently and thoroughly cleaning your child’s teeth, our dentists will remove the decay and fill the cavity, restoring the tooth to a healthy state. Tooth decay can be prevented by daily brushing and flossing, regular dental check-ups and a healthy, balanced diet. We also offer additional treatments to ensure that your child’s teeth will stay healthy for longer.

Our treatments

For children with a high-risk factor for tooth decay, we recommend fluoride application. When applied directly to the teeth in a controlled manner, fluoride re-mineralises the enamel and prevents cavities from developing by making teeth more resistant to acid attacks. Your dentist may also recommend fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash in order to prevent or treat tooth decay in its initial stage.

Our dentists can also seal out decay and help keep your child’s teeth healthier for longer by applying pit and fissure sealants. These are thin composite coatings placed on the chewing surfaces of back permanent teeth to protect against tooth decay. This is because deep pits are shown to accumulate more bacteria and thereby a great risk for tooth decay.

Children who visit the dentist from an early age are more likely to experience less decay, less pain, and a happy and healthy smile.

Restore your teeth with white fillings in Loughton

Fillings help restore damaged teeth to their normal function, while they also prevent further decay and deterioration. While nowadays there are many types of fillings available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, composite white fillings and amalgam fillings are the most common.

Forest Dental in Loughton is a mercury-free practice, meaning that all of our fillings are composite, tooth-coloured or white fillings that blend with the natural colour of your teeth. While amalgam fillings are safe to use, white composite fillings are more stable, because they distribute chewing force evenly, and are more aesthetically pleasing. If you wish, we can remove your old metal amalgam fillings and replace them with tooth-coloured composite ones.

White Fillings in LoughtonHow are teeth filled with composite fillings?

White filings are very versatile since they can be used in the front or the back of your mouth. They are natural looking and restore strength and function to damaged teeth. Your dentist can build up cracked or chipped teeth with a white filing to restore each tooth to its original look and feel or, it can alternatively be used to close gaps, reshape uneven or short teeth and fill cavities caused by tooth decay.

Following a small preparation, your dentist will place the composite material in layers with the aid of a special adhesive and a light that accelerates bonding. When the process is finished, the dentist will sculpt the filling to fit the contours of your tooth. Finally, the filling will be polished in order to prevent staining and early wear.

At Forest Dental, our white fillings are available in a wide range of shades that blend naturally into the rest of your smile.

Advantages of white fillings

Generally, tooth coloured fillings are more aesthetically pleasing since they match your natural tooth colour and appearance. Unlike amalgam fillings, they are minimally invasive and require less drilling, therefore not as much tooth structure needs to be removed. More importantly, because they are made of composite material, they harden in seconds. Moreover, white fillings bond to the tooth providing extra strength and resilience. Finally, compared to other tooth-coloured materials such as porcelain, composite fillings are more affordable and offer a considerable improvement over metal fillings.

Do I need a smile makeover?

At Forest Dental in Loughton, we want to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. If you are unhappy with your smile but remain unsure which treatment or combination of treatments is best for you, one of our full smile makeovers could help you.

smile-makeover-in-loughtonOur experienced cosmetic dentists will help you to assess your smile and, after listening to what results you would like to see after treatment, will recommend the best options to get you your ideal smile. With the use of photographs and X-rays, we will discuss all treatment options, including projected costs and timescales with you, before starting any treatment. With the aid of computer software, we can even show you exactly how your new smile will look after treatment.

Perhaps you would like your teeth to be straighter but also brighter? In this case one of our discreet orthodontic solutions, complemented by a session of teeth whitening, may be the best course of treatment. If your front teeth are chipped or discoloured, porcelain veneers may be the perfect solution.

Mini smile makeover

At Forest Dental, our mini smile makeovers use a procedure called composite bonding. It can be completed in as little as one day and is among the easiest and least invasive of all cosmetic dental procedures.

Bonding is the application of a tooth colored resin called composite to change the shape or colour of your teeth. Composite bonding can repair chips, fractures, decay and discolored teeth. Unlike porcelain veneers, which are manufactured in a laboratory and require your dentist to remove a significant amount of healthy tooth structure, composites can be applied in a single visit with minimal tooth removal.

Why choose Forest Dental?

Forest Dental only use the latest technologies and techniques for your smile makeover needs. Our team are focused on continually improving their skills and knowledge, to provide you with the best available treatment.

Our smile makeover consultations are completely free to all our patients, with no obligation or pressure to have any unwanted treatments. We also offer finance options. If your treatment costs more than £400, we are happy to offer 0% finance options, to help spread the cost of your smile makeover.

Dental hygiene: the basis of good oral health

Looking after your mouth, teeth and gums is at the very foundation of good oral health.

Here at Forest Dental in Loughton, we recommend that you come to us for a hygiene appointment four times a year, so that we can make sure you have the optimum cleanliness in your mouth, and so avoid the build-up of plaque and tartar that can lead to so many dental problems.

dental-hygiene-in-LoughtonWhen you come to see the dentist for dental hygiene you will be treated by our principal dentist, Dr Sab Rana. Dr Rana has been a practising dentist since 1993, and acquired Forest Dental in 2004. Dr Rana is a great believer in long-term preventive care, rather than short-term fixes, which is why she is so keen on dental hygiene.

Dr Rana will inspect your teeth and gums carefully to asses the amount of plaque to be removed and also if there are any risk factors. Then, in a process called scaling and polishing, Dr Rana will clean away the plaque.

Plaque is layer of bacteria that grows on all the surfaces of the teeth. It particularly builds up around the gums and between the teeth, in hard-to-reach places. These bacteria feed on the sugars in the food and drinks you ingest, and when they do, they excrete an acidic substance that eats away at your tooth enamel. The acid starts dissolving your tooth enamel within 20 minutes of you eating, and this is what creates cavities. You won’t be able to feel the pain of them until they become quite large holes inside your teeth. These holes can turn into abscesses if they are not treated.

In order for you to keep up good levels of dental hygiene between hygiene appointments, Dr Sab will also show you the best techniques for brushing your teeth, using dental floss and inter dental brushes.

Also, if you are one of the many people who have braces, a bridge, dentures, or dental implants, Dr Rana will show you how to keep your teeth and gums clean around these appliances.

If you would like to book an appointment for dental hygiene in Loughton, you can use our online form, or call us on 020 8502 2625.