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At Forest Dental, we are pleased to offer Componeers. Componeers are composite veneers (hence the name). They are made of a highly filled nano-hybrid-composite which are very resilient and very thin (0.33mm thick) allowing you to retain a high level of natural enamel which is better for your long term dental health. The main advantage of Componeers is that it's an incredibly quick system as we don't have to wait for Veneers to come back from the lab. We are able to offer you a new smile in a single visit.

Componeers can be used for:

  • Fixed crooked or mishapen teeth
  • Correct teeth size (too small or too large)
  • Improve the colour of your tooth and overall smile
  • Close in gaps in-between your front teeth
  • Restore cracked or chipped teeth


  • Short treatment time, only one session.
  • Cheaper than traditional veneers.
  • Quality dental restoration with high aesthetic results.
  • No waiting for laboratory impressions.
  • Choice of colour, shape, structure and highlighting.
  • High success rate and efficiency.
  • High added value.
  • Minimally invasive.
  • Reduced treatment stress.
  • High quality.
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